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December 17, 2022

I recently had the opportunity to visit Marrakesh, Morocco as a travel photographer and it was such an amazing experience!  I was hired by El Camino Travel, a group travel company, and Majestic Disorder, an arts + culture print publication, who collabed to put on a group trip to Marrakesh, Morocco.  As the travel photographer, I was hired to capture the trip for both the travelers and the companies.  This allowed each traveler to be fully immersed in their experience as I captured all the happenings for them.  Plus, I got to experience the trip with the group which was absolutely incredible!

Visiting Morocco 

The trip started with rooftop drinks on our riad (the Moroccan name for hotel) and a cute welcome bag for each attendee.  We went around and introduced ourselves and met the women we would spend the next 10 days with.  El Camino Travel creates group trips for women, so none of us knew who we were traveling with.  It was really fun getting to experience this new place with complete strangers!  

Capturing Unique Moments as a Travel Photographer

We stayed at Dar Sara in Marrakesh for the majority of the time.  We were able to walk through the medina and visit local artisans to learn about their techniques and way of life.  The colors of Morocco are absolutely stunning and the markets are so unique.  We had incredible meals and even spent an evening in the Afgay Desert where we had dinner after a camel ride.  As a travel photographer, I love immersing myself in the local culture, so getting to experience a camel ride was one of the highlights of the trip! 

Cooking Classes in Kusbah

From there we spent two days in a Kusbah which is about six hours away.  When we were in Kusbah, I captured some really unique experiences and places!  During the day, we had cooking classes to learn how to cook tagine which is a slow-cooked stew.  It was delicious!  At night, we had bands come play for us to celebrate our trip, so we enjoyed getting to hear the local music.

Looking for a Travel Photographer? 

I loved getting the chance to be the photographer for this amazing group of women.  Getting to travel to Morocco is one of the highlights of my photography journey so far!  As a travel photographer, I’d love the opportunity to continue to explore new places, so if you’re looking for someone to photograph your next trip, let’s chat!

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