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hi babe!

 I’m Brooke or, Brooke Michelle, and I am the face behind this little gem! My mother always use to call me her flower child, so I made it my entire personality.  I start each day with a cup of iced black coffee. It's definitely the longest routine I've ever stuck to. You will start to notice that the color yellow is my kindred spirit… it’s bold, bright and full of happiness. Speaking of happiness, I'm the happiest lover (you could call it an obsession) of sad songs. Most work days I am snuggled in a blanket and sweats editing while jamming out to the latest song i've discovered on TikTok. I spend my days off exploring new small towns or spending much needed time with family. 

I began my business when I was just 17 years old during my senior year of high school. This business has been a journey for me and so far, it’s been a pretty spectacular one that only gets better with age. At the age of 19 I spent a summer in NYC as a photo intern for a company. After returning that summer I decided I was going to go full time and quit my job to start living and pursing my passion. 

While growing my business I have realized I want being a good human to always come first and be at the forefront of my business model and how I choose to lead. Which means this space is one made to make EVERYONE feel welcome and WANTED.

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a little about me

that you may not know

i'm a thrifter store addict

black coffee only

i have a pet cow




his name is groot and it's pretty much the same as having a dog. except i'm not allowed to bring him in the house 

I use to be one of those "a little coffee with my sugar" type of people. But now I strictly only drink black coffee.

if I can get something for a couple bucks, I am guaranteed to buy it. Even if I don't actually need it. 

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