Every couple has a separate style, personality, and unique vision for their wedding. Let me help you find your perfect wedding style so you can get planning! Head to the blog to gather inspo for your own big day! 


what's your wedding style?

And that starts on your wedding day. 

The average BMP couple spends $6000 on their investment. With most wedding packages you can expect:

your marriage. 

  • An engagement session
  • 8 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Online gallery + full personal print rights
  • Second Shooter
  • & No awkward prom poses

Invest in what will last:

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As Seen in:

Fall in love

Step one

Ya know, with your soulmate and then me. Take time to look through my site, read through the experience, and make sure everything sounds like the photography services you have always wanted for your wedding day. 

and then

and then

Hold the Phone.

Step Two

Whether it’s a video chat or phone call, I want to “meet” you and your fiance after your initial inquiry. We will chat about your vision and what is most important to you, and I’ll answer questions you may not even know to ask. You spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than any other vendor, so you might as well enjoy their company. 

and then

Make it Facebook Official.

Step three

Okay, not really. There is no need for a full-blown “in a relationship” status, but once you know I’m your photographer, let’s make it official. A signed contract & 50% retainer fee will lock you in on my calendar. 

and then

The test run

Step four

Now that you are booked and we are officially best friends (let it happen), we have our first opportunity to get you in front of my lens! We can work together to make this session as casual or fancy as you’d like! We can incorporate sentimental places or things or hop on the latest trend! Engagement sessions are the perfect test run to see how I interact with you, direct and pose and what the final product look and feels like! It's a time for more fun and freedom, with ample time for portraits and play.

and then

Vendors, Timelines, Countdowns

Step five

With my clients, I put in the effort to check in on you regularly, recommend other vendors I love, and help you through any stress or speed bump throughout the planning process! You’ll be hearing from me a lot from when you book to when your day arrives! However, our final chat leading up to the wedding may be the most important of them all! I send out a questionnaire and work with you or your planner to create a perfectly curated timeline to squeeze in all the good stuff and celebrate it extra loud!

and then

Walking Down the Aisle

Step six

IT’S OFFICIALLY HERE! All the stress and happy tears have led to this, the day you say “I do” to your best friend! And let’s just say I better see you on the dance floor. I’ll be there to remind you to put on deo (your significant other can thank us later) or to take a bathroom break before you get dressed, maybe even suggest an extra mimosa! Consider me that bonus bridesmaid you never really asked for but you can’t get rid of! I’ll follow you around, photographing all the happy moments and the in-betweens. I’ll be there to capture every critical moment to relive a day that flies by so quickly!

and then

Call me amazon prime

Step seven

Just like Amazon, but way more exciting. Listen, I know how exciting it is to get an Amazon box on your doorstep. Like them, I deliver in 1-2 days… the previews. Your first round of previews is in your inbox within 48 hours, followed by a chunky 50-100 image gallery one week later while you’re on the beach on your honeymoon sipping a marg without me.

and then

The Full Reveal

Step eight

It's officially time to relive the best day of your life. Everything from morning tears reading each other's letters to the dance circle at your reception. Take this time to have a viewing party with friends or sit with your partner, looking through every moment captured. Within 4-6 weeks of your wedding, you'll receive an email with your full gallery through an online gallery. 

and then

A hot new album

We will work closely to curate a mini album from your full wedding day gallery. You will choose 50-100 of your favorite images of your day that my designer will turn into a beautiful album layout to tell the story of your wedding. Once approved, 3-4 weeks later, you'll have a timeless piece to show off to family and friends for years to come.

Step Nine

Surprises I love: fireworks, puppies, and mariachi bands.

However, this experience should be no surprise.
You’ll find the exact step-by-step process I use to work with clients in preparation for their wedding day!

Hyping you up every step of the way

You'd be insane to hire anyone else! I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in a wedding 3 years before I was engaged and loved her energy so much I knew I'd hire her for my own wedding one day. Brooke was careful to ask how we envisioned our wedding and most importantly how we felt about our angles and what we liked most about ourselves in photos to ensure we'd love our wedding pictures. The wedding went by too fast, as all do, and Brooke captured all of the best moments from our vows to our party reception. We got a sneak peek the day after and a gorgeous full album a few weeks later. Her photos are bright and happy and in absolute perfection. You will not regret booking her!

Sam & Chris Rhine

word on the street

"You'd be insane to hire anyone else!"

Brooke is a rockstar, she is just simply amazing. Beyond her amazing personality, she is also super talented!!! I used to look at her Instagram before RJ and I got engaged and knew she was the one we wanted! After meeting her, we knew we made the right decision. Our engagement session was magical and she made us feel super comfortable....sometimes being photographed is a little intimidating so she loosened us up and made that time so enjoyable. Our wedding pictures were just a dream come true. Brooke managed to get all the pictures we wanted with my crazy family and bridal party and still managed to catch the sunset for RJ and I. Brooke is your girl, she made us feel so special and gave us the most amazing photos.... look no further everyone... she’s amazing!!!!

Alexa & Rj

word on the street

"Brooke Michelle is a rockstar, she is just simply amazing."

Little did I know that by hiring Brooke as my wedding photographer, I’d also be getting a coordinator, an amazing advice giver and that I’d be gaining a lifelong friend. When I say she was with me through the entire process, I mean it! She was there to capture the proposal, she shot our engagement session, she KILLED IT with our wedding day, and this chick even drove 2 + hours to take honeymoon pictures for us. She goes above and beyond to capture your story in the most unique and epic ways. Her creativity is Out. Of. This. World. (And yes I clapped in between these words because it deserves the extra emphasis). I trusted her 100% with whatever she had in mind and she continued to blow me away with the outcomes! I have so so so many wonderful memories involving Brooke and for her, I will forever be grateful!

Kennedy & JD

word on the street

"I have so so so many wonderful memories involving Brooke and for her, I will forever be grateful!"

Brooke was our wedding photographer in August 2021, and she was absolutely fabulous! Her energy was amazing, and she not only coordinated a large group in some serious summer heat, but she jumped in to fix my dress, give us touch ups, and advise on our overall schedule. She was incredibly friendly, bubbly, and extremely professional in all of her communications. We loved having her around all day, and appreciated her support throughout it. I would highly recommend working with Brooke for your upcoming wedding

Gabby & Dan 

word on the street

"she was absolutely fabulous!"

how will i know if we are a good fit?

I highly encourage chatting on the phone or video chatting with couples before booking, to go over some key elements and questions that determine if we are a good fit! I ask couples opinions on specific things I find important, as well as what you vision is and if we are laughing the whole time then thats a sure tell sign that we are the perfect blend! 

when is the best time to book you for our wedding?

As soon as possible! Dates are never guaranteed unless a signed contract and retainer have been completed. So if you know you want me to definitely be part of your day then I would advise chatting with me to get everything set up and let’s make things official ;).

how would you describe your photography style?

Ahhh this is one of my favorite questions to answer! I would describe my photography style as bright, bold, and bringing out the real in people! I aspire to show everyone’s personalities through my photos and direct clients in a way that feels genuine and organic. My warm tones come from my love of warm days which are usually the happiest ones. I reflect that into my work to make everyday feel like the best day full of sunshine and warmth!

do you edit all of your own images?

I do! All the edits you see posted, blogged, and spammed over social media were all taken and edited by me

can I have the RAW's?

Unfortunately no and trust me you don’t want them! As a photographer I need to ensure I protect my art by only releasing fully edited images out into the world. With RAW’s being huge in size and hard to handle if not familiar with the format, I do not release them anywhere publicly!

what's the farthest you will travel?

Can I pull out a Mean Girls quote and say “the limit does not exist!” Traveling is a huge passion of mine so feel free to take me on any world travels you have planned!

do you provide video services as well?

I do not! But if you are interested in a videographer, be sure to ask me and I’d love to point you in the direction of some of my favorites!

do you watermark any images?

I do not! Personally, I think watermarks can be distracting and as much as I love my logo, I love my clients faces more; I would never want to take away from that!

who will own the copyright?

As the lead photographer, I will retain copyright to the images taken on your special day! But as the couple you will have access to them for personal use.

do you attend rehearsals?

I usually do not attend rehearsals! I will send you and your fiancé a questionnaire a few weeks before the wedding asking all the crucial information I need to be able to capture your day!  

WE WANT YOU! what is the next step to book you as our photographer?

Well, YAY! I can not wait to make things official ;). After discovering we are the perfect fit, I will send over a contract for you and your fiancé to sign, as well as a retainer for 50% of your total package price to lock your date with me!

can we pay you a portion of the payment after the wedding or after the images have been delivered?

No. I require all payment before each wedding and portrait shoot (bridal, boudoir, engagements, etc.), but I am more than willing to work with you on a payment plan of monthly installments or whatever it takes to make you more comfortable!

can we provide you with a shot list for the wedding day?

This may surprise you but besides the family formal list, no! I prefer for all of my clients to trust me to capture their day to the best of my ability. In my opinion, if I am looking down at a shot list I will miss the real, candid moments right in front of me. Moments that are yours and not from a Pin on Pinterest :). 

how do we pick the engagement session location?

As soon as possible! Dates are never guaranteed unless a signed contract and retainer have been completed. So if you know you want me to definitely be part of your day then I would advise chatting with me to get everything set up and let’s make things official ;).

do you send proofs of all the images you have taken for us to pick our favorites or do you make the selections?

After a session I go through all the images I have taken and select and edit my favs. Also know as, ‘the best of the best’ form the session! 

how many images can I expect from the engagement session and wedding day?

For the engagement session my couples can typically expect between 45-60 images! For wedding days the final gallery usually comes to 500-800 images for an average eight hour day! 

what is the turnaround time for images?

For engagement or portrait sessions, such as boudoir or bridal portraits, my clients can expect a two week turnaround for the full high resolution online gallery. For weddings my turn around time for the full resolution online gallery is usually four to six weeks! 

do you provide a color and black and white version of every photo you deliver?

I do not! With the sometimes insane amount of images I deliver I just do not have the time. I usually only duplicate the seriously special and intimate moments and others that I personally believe look better one way or another! 

can i request edit adjusments after I see the final images delivered?

When you book with me you are acknowledging that you have seen my work and that you know my photography style! If you choose to book me, this means you LOVE my style, know what to expect, and trust me fully! Because of this, I do not take edit requests but just ask that couples are fully aware of my editing style so there are no surprises when the final gallery is delivered!

can you photoshop me skinnier or remove an unwanted tattoo?

No! I use (what I call) a three day rule in my business! This means if something is temporary such as a bruise, acne or stain then I will edit it out to the best of my ability. I will not edit out anything that makes you, well, you! However, I will pose you in the most flattering way and make you feel amazing every second you are in front of my lens! 

how does the album design process work?

Ahhh I’m so glad you asked! This is one of my favorite processes! Once you’ve received your high resolution online gallery I will ask you to go through and create a list of favorites! Once you’ve selected and named the favorites list, I send them off to my designer and we wait for the first proof, aka the best part! You are able to proof and make revisions up to three rounds and once it’s perfect we send it off to be printed! Simple as that :).

do you have insurance and can you provide proof if the venue needs it?

 Yes! I have liability insurance for up to one million dollars and can easily provide proof to any venue in need of that! 

do you have backup equipment in case anything were to happen to your gear?

Absolutely! I am kind of a freak when it comes to this, even my backup has a backup! It is as important to me as it is to you, to provide images that will be with you for years to come! So in order to do so with confidence, I am sure to bring replacements for pretty much anything in my bag!

do you want the real story?