This freebie will help photographers capture candid, natural photos with their clients. By providing posing and directing tips step by step, you will learn how to work with your clients to create beautiful images that showcase each of their unique personalities.

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do you freeze when directing clients at sessions?

meet brooke

Hey babe! I'm Brooke, although after nearly twelve years in business people know me by Brooke Michelle. I started my business when I was just 17 years old and always say my greatest asset was how naive I was at the time. The confidence of a 17-year-old with a mission to prove everyone wrong is unmatched.

Over the years I've learned just how much it truly takes to run and keep a business afloat. Not only that, but keep the passion alive and stand apart from what some will say is a saturated market.

My approach to business is full of refreshing hot takes that allow me to continue serving my clients in a way that never jeopardizes my character. I've guest taught at workshops with a room full of industry peers, appeared in numerous podcasts and had my work featured both domestically and internationally.

I am passionate about business growth in a way that seems right for YOU, and not what feels like a one size fits all success story.

Does this sound like you?

What if instead you learned...

- freezing at sessions?
- constantly having to memorize prompts ?
- capturing cute images, but struggling to connect with your clients?

- the energy and excitement in executing the pose, is more of an experience than the pose itself
- posing does not need to be “different” to be done well or make you stand out
- candid posing is a direct result of your clients' comfort level, and movement is not always necessary

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one-on-one mentoring

WOrk with me

You can see the vision and know what you’re working towards, but just need help figuring out action steps and creating a plan to get there. Whether that be bringing in more of your ideal clients, increasing your inquiries, or turning those inquiries into raving reviews with a client experience sure to impress anyone.

This is for you. The go-getter. The doer, not just the dreamer. We will sit down for two hours and dissect what your pain points are, and help highlight your strengths to bring your business to the next level. This is more than just a coffee date with a Q&A, but rather, an in-depth look at your business with guidance.

Investment: starts at $500

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Working with Brooke was the best decision I could have made to help me get on track with my small business! She had exceeded in answering every question that I had. She’s so polite and personable that I felt so at ease talking to her about the struggles that I had starting up my photography. Brooke had also demonstrated some photo tips and tricks with one of her senior reps, and as a visual/ hands on learner, it really gave me a boost of confidence! If you aren’t sure where or even how to start your small business, I highly suggest you talk and work with Brooke!

Shelby Louise

word on the street

"She had exceeded in answering every question that I had." 

I signed off my mentor session from Brooke and I felt like I could do anything. She provided numerous ideas for my business and followed up with everything I needed to be successful implementing her suggestions. Following her session, I was able to implement new revenues for my business and have been profitable since our mentor session.

Haleys Hanger

word on the street

"Brooke is ready to cheer you on and be your number one encourager. I already can't wait till we can connect again."

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What topics can we discuss?

If it’s business related, we can discuss it. I want my mentoring programs to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most popular topics include social media, workflows, attracting new clients, website critiques, etc.

Do you offer mentoring only for photographers?

No, I have actually found some of my biggest inspiration as a business owner comes from other industries. If you aren’t sure if your business is a right fit for this send me an email and we can figure it out together!

What are the payments like?

I require a 50% retainer fee to secure your mentoring date and get us planning. The other 50% is due the day of our call!

How does the session take place?

I will set up a video call link for you to click in and join at the time of our session so we can be “face to face” as we dive into your business.

How far in advance should I book?

My schedule typically books out about 2-3 months in advance so please plan accordingly.