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August 12, 2020

The amount of disheartening conversations I have had with my industry peers this week alone is… well, depressing. Watching some of the strongest business leaders I know even sway in times of struggle is tough. Although we know they are human, it still is crazy to be like “they are just like me right now, struggling both mentally and financially.”

I want to help. I want to help you take this time to pivot your business. To look for the good, and the time you have right now to invest in other areas, and one of those being creating passive income streams. These are products or things that you can do right now (literally today) in your business to create additional income. I know, I know. It may not come close to what you were projected to make this year. Or even, touch on the surface of that.

But, when things get tough we don’t just lay down and wait for the storm to pass. We freaking get up, and booty dance in that rain.



I am not a huge designer. I know some things, but not a lot. But let me tell you, photoshop brushes are my weakness. They make it seem like the most mundane designs I create are magic with just the change of a brush stroke. Create some custom designs and then launch them in an online shop for others!



Listen, you are talented. And you have an advantage with being able to design bomb graphics. Think of a topic you are passionate about, or something that makes you laugh. Create a few designs and then launch them on a print on demand site. This way you have zero overhead costs, just some time invested and a way for people to literally wear your designs around the world and help fill your pockets for now.

My friend Destinee Stark does a great job of this with the release of her latest collection! Get to designing 😉



I have been an amazon influencer for awhile now. I post (not as regularly as I should) monthly favorites blog posts describing what I am loving or using during that time and simply link it back to my amazon account if applicable. If you are a designer you have most likely been asked what programs you use, what hard drives, or anything of that sort. Sign up for amazon influencer, link them to your page and the next time someone asks you these things you’ll have an easy way to share with them all of your equipment, and maybe make a buck or two.



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