I recently had the opportunity to visit Marrakesh, Morocco as a travel photographer and it was such an amazing experience!  I was hired by El Camino Travel, a group travel company, and Majestic Disorder, an arts + culture print publication, who collabed to put on a group trip to Marrakesh, Morocco.  As the travel photographer, […]


So we all know I am terrible at blogging, but for some reason after any Hope Taylor event I blog Recap it within two weeks…which is a pretty big deal for me. That alone should set the tone for how amazing this week in Charleston was with these babes!


Yes, you totally read that right! What started as a casual day trip to Philly in order to celebrate Emma’s birthday, turned into our public television debut! As I am sure you know, I am a huge shopaholic. Clothes, shoes, food, whatever you name I have way too much of. So it was only fitting that we started the celebrations shopping at Anthropologie in Philadelphia, PA! After money had been spent we walked outside just in time to see a pretty fancy camera crew walk by obviously in search of something.


If you’ve learned anything from my blog yet, it should probably be that I am a huge sap. And with that comes a love for writing, a love for expressing my feelings and finding deeper meanings and a love for finding a lesson in everything. I think that’s why I love travel so much, because I always learn something in the end. Before this trip I really started to think about my business and how it was affecting my life. Of course this thought began while in a car (that’s important to know for before I begin this metaphor).


Hey loves! I'm Brooke Michelle and welcome to the blog. I am a high school senior, wedding and boudoir photographer! My passions include educating other photographers, traveling as often as I can and laughing more than I should. This blog is where I get to show all of that off to you and bring you in a little deeper into my life, so stay awhile!





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