HTP Charleston Retreat Recap

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May 17, 2017

So we all know I am terrible at blogging, but for some reason after any Hope Taylor event I blog Recap it within two weeks…which is a pretty big deal for me. That alone should set the tone for how amazing this week in Charleston was with these babes!

I have to admit, I was so nervous before arriving! The day before I literally questioned if I made the right decision. It had nothing to do with Hope or her ability to host amazing events. It didn’t even have to do with money! I just become kind of terrified when I sign up to sleep in a house with 20 other girls because let’s be real… hormones can get a little crazy at times. As soon as I arrived for the first day to gifts, a sweet souther dinner and the sweet faces around me all those nerves were settled.

I was immediately greeted with hugs and smiles and we were all belly laughing in no time. This retreat is literally what you dream will happen when you sign up for something like this! There is always a worst case scenario and a best case scenario, and in this case this exceeded best case scenario by a long shot! There was no one that was an outcast or that I felt stuck out. We were all equals in that moment and we were all different in our way crazy cute way! All 20 of these girls now have such a special place in my heart. From listening to my struggles, offering advice, sharing their own struggles and praying together… It was exactly what I needed in this season of life and business.

Thank you Hope Taylor for hosting such an amazing event and bringing all of us together. You are truly a light to this world. And to anyone reading this, if you ever have the chance to sit in and listen and learn from Hope, DO IT! No hesitation, no questions asked… just go ahead and do it!

Now enjoy more of these gorgeous girls and our time spent together!

We spent much of the first day learning and beach chilling together! If there is ever a way to bond with girls it is over sandy toes and sunshine! At least, that’s my opinion! The second day was packed with activities! From education in the morning, exploring in the afternoon, Magnolia Plantation headshots and a painting workshop with Blakely Little at night! It was one of the busiest days of fun ever!

AND of course, we had to sneak in a mini session with these two. Because you can’t look this perfect at a retreat with 20 photographers and not become models for a day!

Thank you so much again to Hope and Drew for this image! I can never put into words how perfectly this retreat felt and all that I gained from this experience! I will forever adore you!


Gift Boxes – Along Came a Box
Welcome Dinner – Poogan’s Porch
Breakfast & Coffee – Wildflour Pastry
Lunch Day 1 – Lost Dog Cafe
Dinner Day 1 – Poogan’s Smokehouse
Lunch Day 2 – The Oyster House
Head Shot Swap – Magnolia Plantation
Painting Activity – Blakely Made
Pizza – Monza Charleston
Cookies – King Street Cookies

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