A Philly Day Trip & Our Public Television Debut

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October 14, 2016

Yes, you totally read that right! What started as a casual day trip to Philly in order to celebrate Emma’s birthday, turned into our public television debut! As I am sure you know, I am a huge shopaholic. Clothes, shoes, food, whatever you name I have way too much of. So it was only fitting that we started the celebrations shopping at Anthropologie in Philadelphia, PA! After money had been spent we walked outside just in time to see a pretty fancy camera crew walk by obviously in search of something.

Being the person that I am (you know, speak first think later type of deal) I yelled “OMG Can you make me famous?” I am not even sure why honestly, I always say I would be so bad at being famous. One man in the crew heard me apparently and turned around and asked to film us for a new segment on QVC called Inspired Styles! Basically they find strangers on the street, record their outfit of the day and then a few questions in an interview to better get to know their style! It was really incredible actually to see what goes into making these shows and being on the other side of the camera! You can see how awkward we were sometime from November – December on Mondays and Thursdays on QVC!

Of course, after our fifteen (probably less) minutes of fame were over, we continued to adventure around Philly and tried to make it to see the magic gardens! Although we arrived after they had closed, the outside was just as spectacular! We each popped in front for a few quick shots, and of course I tried to convince Tori to start up a fashion/lifestyle blog!

Here are some more iPhone sneaks from the day! It was so nice to just tuck away our cameras and wander and shop with just an iPhone. But there is no way I could completely discount from the world. These girls and the memories that come with them are something that I want proof of for years to come. Make sure to follow along with all of us on Instagram and keep tabs on where the Four Maine Babes are going next!


Brooke – @brookemichellej

Olivia – @oliviiareed & @studio.niche

Emma – @emmajfurniss

Tori – @tori_defelice

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