3 Tips for Confidently Leading a Phone Consult and Booking More Wedding Clients Free Photography Education

Finding Confidence in Phone Consults to Book Wedding Photography Clients Faster

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March 24, 2021

I remember starting weddings at the age of 17 and thinking “how the heck am I going to establish myself as the professional?” I let fear of being “too young” to be a professional and imposter syndrome talk me out of phone consults. I assumed meeting every couple in person was the only way I could prove them I was worthy of being their photographer.


It wasn’t until my inquiries started picking up, and I became overwhelmed from driving all over my state to meet potential clients, that I decided something had to change.


I began setting up phone consults, and from that video consults, to meet with my potential clients but save my sanity and valued time. I saved hours by taking away the time to drive to and from every consult and I was able to both establish myself as the professional and lead a successful consult where both I and the couple felt confident moving forward in our professional relationship.


However, the first few consults after the change (like anything right?) were a little rough. I felt disconnected and like I was running out of things to ask in our call, making it too short on time and leaving the couple with questions unanswered. So I wanted to share with you the three steps that helped me lead a more successful phone or video consult and book more clients.



This was a tip I heard years ago and didn’t take too seriously, but trust me it works. Regardless of if they can see your face always smile while you talk. I think (and this is my opinion, not fact) the main thing that goes wrong when professionals switch from in person consults to phone or video consults is their level of excitement is no longer as readable.


Clients, especially wedding clients, want to know their photographer is excited to work with them and excited to celebrate with them. So even on the phone, be just as bubbly, smiley, and excitable as you would be if you were sharing coffee across the table with them.



This one will save you your sanity, I promise you. Both Honeybook (my client management software) and Calendly offer online forms for you to set up and establish specific time slots clients can book you for a consult. This makes it way easier for you and the client to decide on a time to talk, rather than playing ping pong with emails and potential dates.


This helps establish not only your professionalism but give your clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you and how easy your processes are. People like easy.



To make both your life, and your clients easier create a workflow for your phone consults and an outline of talking points to chat about for every client. Although calls will vary from client to client based on their needs, having an outline will allow you to make sure all major areas are discussed and leave you and the client feeling confident all questions were answered.


Finding Confidence in Phone Consults to Book Wedding Photography Clients Faster


Want more help? Download Consults That Book: A Guide to Confident Phone Consults for Weddings HERE.

This freebie includes my personal outline for client calls, three email templates and education on how to seal the deal and have couples officially book shortly after your call.



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