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February 4, 2021

This week I had what was possibly one of the most exciting moments of my career. If you know me in person, you know I live on TikTok. I live for the trends, for trying to convince my boyfriend to film them with me and for losing hours of productivity watching everyone else’s (working on this one). So having TikTok themselves send me merch with their logo all over it has me flaunting my sweatshirt and tumbler around like I just got engaged. 


However, it made me passionate to share this message with you.


Your business and opportunities don’t start at 10k.


Read that again. Your business and opportunities don’t start at 10k.


So often we are overcome by the social pressure to reach 10k to be taken seriously. Once I get 10k I can launch the course I’ve always dreamed of. Once I get enough followers I can call myself an “educator.” And so on.


We delay our growth by believing the lie that our worth in business comes in the form of a number on a screen. 


This year will be my 10th year in business and somehow, I thought that my biggest goal should be hitting 10k to celebrate. However, when I partnered with TikTok in December I realized that it holds no candle to all the other milestones I’ve achieved. 


So, my followers hit 10k. Now what? What changes?


Does my bank account? Nope. 


Are my clients more eager to book me? Nope. 


The only thing that changes is my feeling of being more worthy to be paid and to be given opportunities. When in reality, I can work to change that now. To believe in myself now. To create opportunities now. 


Once I let go of the hold some little number on a screen has on me, then I can grow. It’s not the lack of followers holding me back, it’s the lack of motivation to be just as successful and work just as hard regardless of the number


Because I know, you and I have so much to offer. Regardless of 10k.


Your Next 10k Followers on Instagram - Brooke Michelle Photo


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