Maryland Fashion Boutique : Carnival Edition


April 29, 2015

A few weeks ago I briefly explained what New Arrivals Tuesday was and a little about my amazing partnership with The Boutique at Body Wellness. It seems that each Tuesday we try and find a new fun way to show off the New Arrivals. Well yesterday, was quite the adventure (as always) and definitely fun!

There is a small carnival currently happening in Annapolis and we decided to take a trip! With Olivia’s backseat filled with clothes, we set out on a mission! When we first arrived the carnival was nearly empty. PERFECT, a carnival to ourselves? Can you imagine! Well, that changed quickly.

However, it was still epic. One nice carnival worker even gave us free Ferris Wheel rides to make sure we got the perfect shots. More pictures from our adventures below!

Did I mention that this was Olivia’s first experience on a Ferris Wheel? Completely composed right?

  1. Karena Dixon says:

    Super cute!! I love when you two work together! xo

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