Serengetee : Wear The World


April 22, 2015

As many of you know, this semester I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing company called Serengetee. I acted as a campus rep for this company for Anne Arundel Community College (aka my college).

This opportunity taught me so much and gave me the opportunity to learn more about what it’s like to be on the other side of a rep program, since I am use to leading the program with my seniors! Now why would I want to be a rep for Serengetee? What is Serengetee?

Serengetee is a clothing company aimed at bettering this world. Their tag line is “Wear the World. Change the World.” Five percent of every product purchased goes towards one of thirty two causes! They have currently raised $102,458 to help change this world.

Why did I choose the California fabric for this post? The cause behind this fabric is very close to my heart. Part of the proceeds from purchasing this fabric helped provide micro-loans to women entrepreneurs! Isn’t that amazing?

Growing up in America, I was fortunate. I knew I wanted to be a photographer (well, not always) and I had resources around me to make that dream happen. Here I am! Unfortunately, not everyone has that opportunity. I wanted to know that my money went towards a good cause. I wanted to know that I was helping a women in a less fortunate country become everything she has ever wanted to be! Because, how amazing is that?

As a rep, I stand behind this company. I stand behind their beliefs and their way of using their small business to help others and better this world. When the time comes where I am not a rep anymore, I will continue to stand behind them.

Wear the World. Change the World.

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