Maryland Engagement : Jenn & Kyle


April 14, 2015

Sometimes a couple finds you and you instantly click. Other times you discover the bride-to-be (via Instagram), fall in love with her blog and cross your fingers that she wants you to capture her day. In my head it sounds something like “please, please, please!”

I’ve been following Jenn on Instagram for quite some time now. So when I saw her post about saying yes to the man of her dreams, I instantly stalked. Admit it, we all do it. Then fate stepped in and we crossed paths at a bridal show I was in on January 3rd! From then on we chatted through email and Jenn made the decision to pick me as her wedding photographer. Yay!

We decided to meet to sign contracts and shoot their engagements on the same day. Kill two birds with one stone, right? Mother nature had other plans. It was freezing rain and you only drove out in this mess if you were crazy. Well, call us crazy because we drove in it to meet up. Of course, the engagement part had to be rescheduled. So we reschedule for the last weekend in March. Warm weather right? Well, again, mother nature had different plans.

It started to snow! Snow on March 28th. What? Luckily, this couple is tough. They stuck out the snow with me and still looked completely amazing in every shot. I mean seriously, how does a couple look this good when they can’t even feel their fingers?

You’ll have to keep an eye out for their October wedding. From what Jenn has told me, it’s going to be one for the books!

  1. Jenn Dunn says:

    I love it!!! Great job 🙂

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