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August 20, 2021

So you’ve been asked to write a speech as you stand by your best friend on their wedding day, but have no idea what to write?

Don’t worry I’ve got you!

Writing a person of honor speech is a lot like writing an essay in high school, except a lot more fun. You have an opener, you have your three main paragraphs of info and then a closing. Long enough to have a touching or funny speech, but short enough to not bore the others in the room who want to get to dancing quicker.

Before you even write your speech or start, think of your overall objective of the speech. Do you want to be funny, heartfelt, or another emotion? What’s your overall objective with this speech? This is important to know before so you know HOW to write, and can keep referring to this thought throughout the whole process.

So, let’s get into it.

How to Write a Killer Person of Honor Speech - Tips for Your Wedding Speech - Brooke Michelle Photo


To start, the introduction. This is where you say who you are, how you know the person you are standing up here for, compliments of how the couple looks and thank the audience for being here. Typically (when I have written speeches in the past) I have also thanked whoever paid for the wedding, or just both sets of parents in general for hosting the event!


Now the juicy parts. Start by talking about the person you are standing up there for. Again, refer to your overall objective of the speech. It could be how they have impacted your life, stories that show their character or important traits you have noticed that make them a great partner.


From there, talk about their partner! Refer to what it’s been like getting to know them, good qualities you have seen. Maybe share a story of a time you realized they were your best friends perfect half. This part is just as important as talking about your best friend. It shows the approval of their friends and family which can be such a touching moment on a wedding day.


Lastly, pull it all together. Talk about them together as a couple and what you’ve observed as strengths. You can reference tough moments they helped each other through. Moments that they complimented the other or balanced each other out. Any stories that you have of how these two are a total power house together.


Closing. Now that we have covered who you are, a thank you, and talked about each partner both separate and together, it’s time to wrap it all up.


This is where you can ask everyone to raise their glass to the happy couple. End it with a cute little rhyme, well wishes or a simple congrats!


Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. High school english class coming back in handy helping you write the perfect person of honor speech to deliver at your best friends wedding!


PRO TIPS: Listen, I have given speeches at two weddings now. And while that doesn’t make me a pro, photographing ten years worth of speeches does. So let me let you in on a few tips!

  1. Leave out the inside jokes. They are only funny to you. Although you may feel the need to include these to establish how deep your relationship is, save it for a personal letter. Inside jokes are never understood by the audience and make the speech uncomfy.
  2.  Stand up by the couple while you give your speech. This allows you to get photographed giving your speech while capturing their reaction in the same
  3.  Keep it short. Even if you are the best speech giver there ever was, no one wants to hear a 8 minute speech when there is dancing and drinking to get to.




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