I Have Moved! Officially a North Carolina Resident Charlotte Wedding Photographer

I Have Moved - Charlotte North Carolina Wedding Photographer - Brooke Michelle

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July 30, 2022

If you didn’t see on the gram, here is your official announcement.

I have moved!

My entire life I always wanted to move somewhere totally on my own, and apparently 28 is the year we are doing the dang thing.

I am so excited for all of the new adventures this will bring, and everything this will bring. I created a YouTube video sharing then news, answering some frequently asked questions (such as what this means for Maryland weddings) and giving the first official peak into a tour of my space!



Let’s dive into some frequently ask questions!

Q: Why did you choose Charlotte?

A: Charlotte was the only city I found that hit all three of my wants and needs for a new town. It was warm, a big city full of opportunities and still close enough for me to drive home for my Maryland bookings.


Q: What does this mean for your Maryland weddings?

A: I am still splitting my time almost 50/50 between Maryland and North Carolina. I am booking for Maryland at this time until I know if North Carolina is my home. And all of my current contracts are of course still on as originally planned.


Q: What does this mean for your business?

A: It means new opportunities! I am excited to have more time alone to work on projects and potentially launch new personal projects!



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