March 2020 Monthly Favorites

March 2020 Monthly Favorites - Brooke Michelle Photography


March 31, 2020

So I guess you could say the next few monthly favorites are going to be… special? Quarantine edition, maybe?

My everyday routine didn’t change too much, but my ability to go to the gym, order amazon prime like it’s my job or get take out sushi has… and those are usually a few of my favorite things.

The biggest blessing was right before this entire situation started I ordered booty bands on Amazon to step up and add variety to my workouts in the gym. I LOVE lifting weights, but I also love the way you can tone up quickly just by using resistance or your own body weight! This quarantine will be the perfect way to dive more into that idea of fitness and practicing at home workouts, or just discipline with prioritizing my health in general.

Reading The Upside of Being Down, or even having it in my hands at all has been my FAVORITE way to slow down and end these days indoors. Jen Gotch, if you know me at all, is one of my favorite people to follow. I can’t really say what drew me in first, her trash dance insta stories or just her ability to make everything seem like it for sure happens for a reason, but her optimism and positivity is contagious. I had my eyes on her book release date for months and just received it in the mail last week. I’m still in shock over the fact that a book about making good things out of a not fully ideal situation came out during a worldwide pandemic, but I think something bigger knew we all needed this in our lives.

March 2020 Monthly Favorites - Brooke Michelle Photography

Another thing that has been keeping my spirits high during these times is this playlist. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

About two weeks ago I took all of my favorite songs from the 3-4 different playlist I would listen to a day and mixed them into one: It’s Corona Time. An appropriate title if I do say so myself. Some are ironic, like If the World Was Ending and some just sweet and put you in your feels (aka my favorite place to be).

Tiktok – Listen, I’m not going to say i’m addicted… but if there was a support group I would definitely have to introduce myself.

This app has been both a blessing and a curse during this time. Providing me with endless laughs, but also encouraging me to… throw on a pink wig mid week and dance? I don’t get it either, but it happens. I’m not really sure what I am doing on their yet, or what direction I want to go with it. But I am having fun just being goofy and pretending like it’s my form of social interaction for the month.

Something a little more business focused that I loved receiving in March were these custom stickers from StickerApp that I ordered for both my upcoming seniors, and to include in my wedding clients gift boxes! I had these designs created by Cardinal Directions and she completely nailed the a little bit retro, a little bit color and a whole lot of cute mix that I was going for!

March 2020 Monthly Favorites - Brooke Michelle Photography


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