Getting Comfortable with Saying No Education for Wedding Photographers

Getting Comfortable Saying No for Wedding Photographers - Brooke Michelle Photo

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July 22, 2021

When I first started my business I took on everything and anything. I was just starting out, so I figured any experience or small additional income was worth a shot. As a seasoned photographer now, I still stand by those initial decisions. Those moments led me to lessons, to growth, establishing what I loved and what I hated. It taught me boundaries and what I needed for a work/life balance.


However, as I started to grow and become busier I realized that taking on sessions I didn’t feel fully passionate about took up dates and times for sessions I was missing out on that seemed to be dreamed clients.


Now, as a people pleaser, practicing the word no is HARD. Like my stomach still turns every time I send those emails. Will they give pushback? What if I upset them? On and on. Until I realized that upsetting myself was worse.
Not being about to provide my current clients with a full experience because I was overwhelmed was worse. Falling behind in editing was worse. There were so many factors that felt so much worse than just simply saying no. Thats it, a full sentence. No.


I started turning away family sessions, to better serve engagement sessions.

I began giving up sessions on Sunday, to start back to work Monday refreshed and rested.

I gave up so much, but I still gained so much more.


I gained a better reputation for serving those I love to serve. I gained rest and time with family. I gained feeling free within owning my own business and honestly, that’s how it’s suppose to feel!


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