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January 23, 2018

When I first began my email list for clients to help provide them with bi-weekly advice and wedding planning tips, I knew that I had to include Erica & Christina of Wren Bridal! Wren is definitely the locals favorite for all things wedding dress related, but I am also a HUGE fan! These girls have always treated each one of my brides, their bridesmaids and family like one of their family! After hearing so many dress horror stories, I was so happy I found somewhere with an AMAZING selection of dresses, friendly faces and the best experience!

These girls were so kind and giving when I asked if I could ask them a few quick questions to educate my brides in something I know nothing about! They shared all their time and info willingly and hopefully helped to a answer a few of your dress shopping questions!

Check out their little interview below!

Everything You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress - A Wren Bridal & Brooke Michelle Photography Collaboration

Q: When should brides begin looking for a dress?

A: How early you should begin searching is a question that is most often determined not only by when your wedding is but by what kind of wedding you are having. Is your wedding going to be casual and informal? Is it going to be large and traditional? These questions most often guide the kind of wedding dress a bride plans to wear which in turn leads to where such gowns can be found and ultimately, the time needed to order one. As a smaller boutique that outsources alterations, the required lead times on our bridal gowns are anywhere from 12-18 weeks with some designers offering rush availability and others without such options.

For many brides, a vast amount of wedding-related knowledge has been inherited–from sisters, friends, cousins or simply from doing their own research! For those that aren’t quite as familiar, that is okay too! In these cases, if a bride ever has a specific dress, style, designer, or boutique in mind, our advice would be to reach out and ask questions as soon as you have them–never be afraid to reach out to a store to ask about a specific designers’ lead time, their rush options, styles, new collections, etc.

Everything You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress - A Wren Bridal & Brooke Michelle Photography CollaborationQ: Do you recommend brides go into their dress appointment with an idea of the type of dress they want or is it better to have no idea at all?

A: The first thing most brides have prepared for us when starting an appointment is their pinterest board! It helps tremendously! Dresses are so different once tried on vs. how our minds assume they will fit based off of images or on the hanger. We have Brides that know exactly what they want, but once tried on it just isn’t what they expected and we move them towards a style we feel may still stick with their inspiration for their day, but a different shape and style. There still are the brides that know their bodies well and the styles they have an idea of work just perfectly. It’s a big trial and error process that we are so happy to help with!

Q: Is there a thing as trying on too many dresses?

A: Honestly, it depends on the Bride! Trying on too many dresses has proved to confuse Brides, especially when looking back at photos! Iphone photos are not always the best way to base your decision for such a big important purchase. We recommend coming back to try on favorites and basing your decision off of how you feel in the dress rather than relying on a photo to make your decision.

Everything You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress - A Wren Bridal & Brooke Michelle Photography CollaborationQ: Would you recommend brides continue to look in multiple bridal shops?

A: Again, it depends on the Bride! Some already know designers they are interested in and certain stores may carry a majority of those designers, or may only have one or two on your list! It can get confusing and exhausting going to more than 2 or 3 stores as dresses often start to blur together! Base this decision off of your experiences and the number of favorites you have at a certain store. If it’s more than a few per store, don’t drive yourself crazy visiting more stores as they may have some of the same designers. Your goal is to narrow in on favorites and what you feel most beautiful in if you haven’t had the “this is it” moment! Also, don’t disillusion yourself because not everyone has that moment and that’s totally normal!

Q: Say a bride just got engaged and wants to be married rather quickly, meaning she doesn’t have the usual time out recommended when searching for a dress. What tips do you have to quickly acquire the perfect dress?

A: We are happy to help our Brides with fast engagements work with our designers’ rushes offered to make this issue easy, breezy, and the least bit stressful! We also have a handful of samples that are being sold off of the rack for event dates that are so soon that a even a rush can’t accommodate them! Come with a budget and any inspiration for how you envision your special day and we would love to help take the stress off in helping find a perfect dress!

Everything You Need to Know to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress - A Wren Bridal & Brooke Michelle Photography Collaboration


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