The Desired Reception Timeline for Those Who Want to Party Tips for Wedding Planning


May 5, 2020

It’s no secret that wedding planning is HARD. I’ve never planned one myself, but I have watched numerous clients and I applaud them all. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to pull of the party of the year to celebrate marrying your best friend.

I usually begin discussing the wedding day timeline with my clients about two months before their day arrives. This usually brings up a lot of questions, and one of the more popular of those being how do we get the most of our reception? How can we check off all the major events without interrupting the party.

This one is simple, and it’s my favorite to hear because it means I’ve reeled in another good time couple 🙂


You can see in the example timeline below that doing this allows you more time on the dance floor. This way there is no “clear the dance floor” announcements for another event and once the party truly gets going, it doesn’t have to stop!


The Desired Reception Timeline for Those Who Want to Party - Planning Tips - Brooke Michelle Photography

Not only is this great for having a non stop filled dance floor, but if you have limited times with specifics vendors like your photographer or videographer then it also allows you to have all the important moments captured before their coverage time is up!

I recommend asking your dj, caterer and planner (if you have one) for their advice on this as well. They will each help give you specific and detailed time blocks needed to things such as dinner services and other activities! Express what is important to you to your vendor team, and let them help you make the most of your wedding day!


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