2 Things TikTok Has Taught Me Education for Entrepreneurs

Two Things TikTok Has Taught Me - Education for Entrepreneurs - Brooke Michelle Photo

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May 12, 2020

Isn’t it funny how the smallest moments in our business, or life, can teach us lessons we usually need reminding of?

This past month I chose one week to fully dedicate to TikTok growth. Yup, TikTok.

I have been intrigued with this app for a few months now but wasn’t really sure how to begin my journey on the app or where I wanted it to go. So with that, I just began posting. I posted anything I was feeling, followed trends and even used general, trending hashtags.

Two Things TikTok Has Taught Me - Education for Entrepreneurs - Brooke Michelle Photo

So later, when I decided to narrow down my niche and start focusing on growth and intentionally posting, I realized something. I was simply posting just to “show up,” but I wasn’t posting intentionally. It was simply another “to do” on my list that I wanted checked off. And what it reminded me?

It reminded me that I wasn’t made for everyone. I am not here to serve everyone.

Those generic hashtags I used in the beginning? They put me in a pool with everyone else just trying to go viral once with no intentions in mind. So when I started using niche specific hashtags, tags that spoke directly to my ideal audience… TikTok got confused. My. numbers actually went down as TikTok tried to figure out which category and WHO my content should be shown to.


So if you needed this today remember…

  • we weren’t designed for everyone. our expertise and services were geared for those ideal clients we have worked so hard for. continue to focus on them, grow with them and you’ll find success in that.
  • show up intentionally. if it feels like showing up online, on your platforms feels like just another to do then remember your “why.” dive into that. find inspiration in why you began this journey.


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