COVID-19 and How It Will Effect Brooke Michelle Photography

How Coronavirus Will Affect Brooke Michelle Photography and Weddings for 2020

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March 12, 2020

What a week.

As I am sure every single person knows, Coronavirus has been the main talk everywhere. In the news, on the radio, all over social media and so on. You simply can’t escape it. We still don’t fully know the severity of the virus, and the effect it will have on us. But I wanted to get ahead of the curve and release this so there are absolutely no questions in regards to what is going on.

So with all of that, I wanted to make a PSA. I guess, this is my first PSA. I want to ease my clients minds a little, touch on a few key points and let you in on my game plan.

  • First things first: for my spring, summer (and possibly fall?) clients I have all intentions of being their for your wedding day, session or so on! If we have it booked and on my calendar I plan on showing up and being present. While I want to safe and keep everyone healthy, I will not do so at the risk of losing any clients trust. If you feel it is safe enough to keep the event going, then I have my trust in you 100% and I will be there to party, and photograph the best moments of the day!


  • If for some emergency reason I contract the virus or am unable to attend, I will have a backup there to photograph in my place! For my upcoming weddings, I have people already lined up in case of any type of emergency! In this case (meaning absolute worst case scenario) someone I trust fully and who is at the same level of talent as me, would photograph your day. They would be prepared with timelines, and all personal info about you to make your day just as custom and special as if I was there! They would then turn over the files and I would edit them so you would still receive the exact same treatment and consistency in images as you would have if I was there.

*** again this is absolute worst case scenario and ONLY if a medical professional literally tells me it is unsafe and I test positive. please see first bullet, I have all intentions of being at your event***


  • I will remain flexible and give compassion if for some reason it was to come to an event being cancelled or rescheduled. I will do my best to provide you with timely and accurate info if you have to select a new date for your wedding.



We will keep a close watch on the situation. As long as everyone is doing their best to stay hygienic and safe during this we will figure it out. There is no need to cause unnecessary stress unless we are in a situation where we absolutely need to be. Make a plan, contact your venue and vendors if you are nervous and do one thing that helps your destress. We got this 🙂

If you have any questions at all please reach out via email at

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