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July 20, 2017

This past year has been a crazy roller coaster. After my yearly trip with Fit Queen Irene to photograph her yoga retreat in Mexico, I began this entire journey of self discovery and it was primarily fueled by yoga. Within this journey I found peace, passion and that yoga strongly relates to every aspect of my life.

My entire teenage years I was quite active. With both daily cheerleading and gymnastic practices I was quite the active (and semi flexible) human. So to me, yoga was just another way to properly show off your flexibility and deepen your splits, right? Totally wrong. At Irene’s retreat I began to see how healing yoga was. It was so much more than the physical aspects it provided, instead it was actually primarily lead by the emotional journey.

A few months before heading to Mexico I experienced the death of my biological father. His death took a toll on me that was way deeper than I could have ever predicted. As someone who never had a real relationship with their biological father I began to question everything. After his death I second thought every decision I made, so this trip to Mexico and being pulled to begin a yoga journey for the second year in a row was such a blessing.

Throughout this journey I have found so many hidden lessons. I have discovered and deepened self love, found parallels between running a business and practicing yoga, as well as worked through some very hard issues and problems in my life. This series, the yoga series, will be a way for me openly talk about my practice and allow me to be more vulnerable on here! I want to begin sharing my experiences, lessons learned and provide a deeper level of connection with my audience to see that I struggle as well!

This series will not have a structured publishing schedule as I do not want to put pressure on lessons and having to discover the next lesson on a ticking time frame! The posts will come as the lessons come, although my hope is to publish blog posts to this series bi-weekly. My other hope for this series is to keep me accountable. Although I have discovered yoga is very therapeutic I have had a hard time showing up for myself. So my hope is that by having a series and having a need to create content that it will require me to show up and leave it all out on the mat!

I am excited to begin this series and see what comes of it! If you currently practice yoga or have any specific questions about yoga and bginning your yoga journey I would love to hear from you! This series is my voice, but I would love fro it to also be for you!

  1. Irene says:

    Love you so much and can’t wait for this series!

  2. Erin says:

    So excited for this!!

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