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June 14, 2017

Let’s be real, starting a photography business (or just business in general) is hard work. If you are looking for a fun career, you found a good one! But if you are looking for an easy career, keep looking.

With starting my business at the young age of 17 I was naive, BUT I was ready to learn any and everything I possibly could. With a young age also came a small bank account (college students, I know you can relate), so finding resources to educate myself was always a struggle. Everyone (rightfully so) always wanted money to teach even, sometimes, the simplest of tasks. Although I have a college degree, I learned most of what I use today from photography workshops, online tutorials and FREE RESOURCES! Kind of crazy right? But once you find the right ones the amount of info you can absorb is unreal!

I decided I wanted to share all of my favorite educators with you in hopes of saving you the trouble of having to find them on your own! These ladies (just kind of happened that way) have done wonders for my business and are moving mountains in the education world! Here’s hoping you learn just as much from them as I did!

Melyssa Griffin

This girl is AMAZING! Melyssa has literally built an empire of entrepreneurs simply by educating them on everything from growing your following to building an email list from scratch! Education goes live on her blog every week and is continued in her Facebook group!

Jenna Kutcher

Not only is this girl completely and 100% inspiring with showing her real life, struggles and all, but there is also no limit or max out of what you can learn from her! Her podcast (The Goal Digger) is my biggest motivation when it comes to getting out of a creative funk!

Natalie Franke

If you are looking to become a wedding photographer, this is where you should start! Her blog is packed with stunning weddings, her day of checklist and so much more info for the aspiring! But also, if you have a little bit of change her “The Wedding Photographer Workbook” can completely transform the way you handle business, even if it’s before you’ve started the business!

Hope Taylor

Last, but definitely not least, is sweet Hope! Not only is she probably the youngest rock star in the industry, but she is an INCREDIBLE educator! She is known for her knowledge on High School Senior Photography including posing, rep programs and so much more! And she is surely one to follow as I am sure she will be taking over the wedding education industry soon enough!

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