How to Find Models While You’re Traveling!

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June 7, 2017

If you are anything like me then you have a heart and passion for seeing the world. And if you are a photographer then you most likely are dying to do a session in these exotic locations and capture pretty people in pretty places! I mean, it’s a no brainier that taking even just an hour out of your explorations to build your portfolio with new, out of this world content will definitely pay off in the long run!

But, where do you even begin looking to find a model in a part of the world you have never been to or seen before? I use to struggle with this exact question when I first began traveling more frequently. But with these three super quick and even easier tricks I am now able to conveniently find models in all parts of the US. I’m still working on the “all parts of the world” portion 😉

These tools have helped me to find models and shoot dreamy sessions in places such as South Carolina, Hawaii, Florida, and so many other stunning locations! So my hope is that by sharing these with you I can watch as you grow your audience by reaching markets in multiple areas of the US!

Model Call

The first step anytime I am planning travel is to post a model call on my social sites explaining what dates I have available and where I’ll be! If you have an email list then this is also an AWESOME place to send out a model call in mass. My favorite part about resorting to this method first is that you are automatically giving back to your loyal followers and supporters. You are offering up a new experience and an invitation to work together in a new place (which to them, may actually be their hometown where they couldn’t reach you before because of distance or money for travel)!

Super Creep

So I am not ashamed of this, but I do have to admit that my creeping skills on social media platforms are out of this world. So if it doesn’t work out with my model call and I can’t give back to an already long time supporter than I will start to creep on social media. More specially, for me, creep on Instagram!

A great way to go about doing this is to start with searching locations. I find myself logging onto Instagram and searching locations such as “Rainbow Row” or somewhere I know will be a pretty populated area to visit when going to that specific town or state, which in this case was Charleston. By searching this location I am finding others who have tagged this same location on a photo they’ve posted which then I am able to see their profile and figure out (or ask) if they are local or not.

Another great way to go about this is to search hashtags! Searching hashtags such as #charlestonmodel or #southcarolincreative can be very helpful! Try your best to search and look into places or tags where you know your ideal client would be located! So, if your ideal client is a preppy, Lily Pulitzer loving gal then try searching those who have tagged Moon & Lola as their location on Instagram! You’ll be sure to find a few that catch your eye!

Figure Out Collabs

My last tip is to figure out or work on collaborations! Collaborating with other vendors while traveling can be a great way to build relationships and reach destination clients in a new way! Try planning a styled shoot with a local vendor in that area or helping another creative with building fresh content! In exchnage, you could ask to be connected with local models they may know in the area or people whoa re a fan of having their portrait taken!

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