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March 8, 2016

Ok, so it is literally midnight and I have just had a full day of education and fun from the lovely Hope Taylor! I usually wait a few days to do recaps, but some strange pull has me wanting to write down every emotion, every feeling and fresh perspective I have in this moment.

Let me start by saying I was super excited to attend this workshop! I started typing this paragraph to tell you exactly why and then realized there were too many points to organize so here’s a list…

– I have admired Hope’s work ethic and business model ever since I found her years ago in a Lemonade & Lenses article!

– I was super pumped to invest more in education towards my seniors. I feel like often times I invest so much in education for my brides and grooms, but it can be much harder to find really amazing workshops directed towards senior photography!

– Hope went through some really similar hardships as me with growing her business while still in high school and all the effects that came from that.

– It was hosted in her really adorable studio, duh!

– I have a lot of respect for Hope and how young yet successful she is. She is kinda one of those people that just demands your attention and makes you want to put on some really cute boots and kick butt too (in the industry of course)!

As the day progressed the topic of ideal clients came up a lot. For Hope and I, we are total opposites! At least in my opinion! HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean she isn’t the perfect person to learn from for me! In every way, I admire Hope’s heart behind her business, her drive for success and most of all her way of letting people in and truly showing the spirit of community over competition! Something I consider so important as a creative!

By the end of the day she had totally instilled the confidence in me that I had been so scared of. Well, what if I do this and fail? What if people start to talk about why I shouldn’t be doing this? Do it anyway. Often times it can be so scary to take that step and to be different from those who you see doing so well. I loved when Hope said, ” it means that you are suppose to stand out in the industry.” Something that can seem so scary to think about, but at the same time so empowering. I mean hence why I am blogging at midnight after a full day of driving and learning!

If you have the chance, I totally recommend splurging on this workshop. Every detail is planned to a T and every attendee will leave as friends. I felt totally comfortable discussing any and all things, because it was a totally safe zone and I hope that Hope never changes that, or the way she loves on others. Although, I am sure it never will.

Stay tuned for the really amazing styled images next week on the blog! You don’t want to miss it!

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