Lacey & Jordan’s Patapsco Valley Engagement Session


March 7, 2016

Where do I even begin? I’ll start by saying Lacey & Jordan have been a pleasure to work with since their very first inquiry email! I knew right away that Lacey was my ideal client, down to every aspect! The way she talked about their love and the way she described her style made my heart jump for joy! After she booked me (que mini party) we never stopped chatting, like literally! We have had an on going chat since the beginning! Whether it be about the industry (she is a creative too), planning her engagement, and even suggestions for wedding venues!

Then came the day for the engagement session! We had to make this work since this was the only day her & Jordan would be in my town visiting! I arrived and instantly felt like I had known these two for years! It was so easy to make conversation and we spent the day exploring Patapsco Valley State Park! I was so nervous for this location because I had never been to it before, EVER! Such a scary step to take as a photographer. What would the light be like? Where would we park? How will I know where to shoot? Luckily, Lacey & Jordan were totally confident! Plus, Lacey did some amazing research and knew exactly the location of places to shoot and, may I add it really helped that the light was AMAZING in all of them, even despite the mid-day harsh sun!

I am so excited with this final product and SO excited to be sharing it with you all! I can’t wait for Lacey & Jordan’s November wedding, I hope it is as adventurous as this day!

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