How to Have a Warm Winter Engagement Session Wedding Planning Tips

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January 17, 2020

I am definitely one to stay far far away from the cold (unless there is snow involved) and for a lot of couples, I’d say they agree.

While winter isn’t necessarily a slow season for photographer with the massive influx of engagements, wedding inquires, consults, site updates and you get the point… it is a slow session season. At least, here in Maryland where the winter is drastically different from the spring and summer temps.

When the temps start to drop below comfortable, so do the sessions we are photographing a week. But for some couples, they need their engagement session images while the only option is cold winter months. If winter seems like the only option for your session, but you aren’t willing to be freezing and miserable while trying to look cute and completely in love then these tips are for you!

Winter Engagement Session Tips - Maryland Wedding Education - Brooke Michelle Photography


Start your search with indoor venues!

There are so many options when it comes to indoor venues depending on where you live. Some local art museums have great natural light, or my go to is a huge greenhouse! You get the best of all worlds with the bright greenery, natural light and warm temps because it’s usually exactly what the plants need.

If you are a couple that loves touring breweries, or met at a local bar, try having your session there! Not only is a great way to stay warm, but it adds a sentimental value to the images and location as well!

Winter Engagement Session Tips - Maryland Wedding Education - Brooke Michelle Photography


This may be my favorite way to keep warm and cozy in the winter months, but also bring in a lot of sentimental value to your session. Your home is where you spend a lot of your time. It’s where you love grows stronger. Where you cook breakfast together or binge watch crime shows. Either way, it holds a heck of a lot of who you are as a person or a couple within those walls.

So opt for a lifestyle in home engagement session! Dance in your kitchen, have a pillow fight on your bed, jump on the couch… do whatever your little hearts desire, but you’ll stay warm the entire time!


If you love the way the winter looks, and choose to stay outdoors for your photos you can do what I call the bear and break!

Wear your cutest winter outfits, big chunky sweaters, hats, etc and model for a few minutes in the cold. If possible, shoot nearby your car and keep it running! This way you can take some photos for a few minutes and then take a break in your already warmed up vehicle!

Try wearing leggings under your outfits, so you are even warmer without them being visible. Or try cozying up by a fire-pit or with warm coffee, this way you still feel a little bit of that warmth when the cold wind is whipping.



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