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Align Album Design - Streamlining the Client Album Design Process - Brooke Michelle Photography

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February 27, 2020

When I first started my business, I NEVER even offered albums. No seriously, as a wedding photographer I refused. Simply because I’m not a graphic designer. I had no idea where to start, how to sell, to price, how to design, etc. And it seemed WAY too overwhelming to learn all of those skills while operating a business full time and, at the time, working as a waitress part time. There wasn’t nearly enough time in the day.

Now, here is where the beauty of Instagram and sharing free education comes in. It was right after Instagram stories came out in 2016 and I was trying to figure out a way to fulfill a clients wishes of having me create their album, but I literally had no idea where to go. Then I watched another photographers story as they chatted about a company they work with to design all of their clients albums and take it off their hands. They upload the images, fill out the design form with specifications and then just upload the designs to an album printing company when done, and tada. The company she was talking about was Align Album Design.

First things first, as soon as my clients receive their online wedding gallery full of images, I send them over a cute celebratory email! Something along the lines of YASSSSSS your wedding images are here! There’s instructions on how to share with family and friends and so on. At the very end of the email (if they preordered an album) I say something along the lines of…

P.S. Once you have had time to go through and relive your day we can get the album design process started! Go through your gallery and find around 100 of your all time favorites from your wedding day, trying to pick a few from every part or event of the day and label the favorites list as “Album.” That way I know exactly what those favs are for and can get them sent off to the designer to get an album in your hand faster!

I use Cloudspot for client galleries so it makes it super easy for clients to make lists for downloading their favorites, but also for designing their album! Depending on their album size I let them know that about 100 images is PLENTY to get their album design going. I highly encourage picking favs from every part of the day to help tell their entire story throughout the album.

How I get my photos from clients, quick turn arounds and whole experience!

Align Album Design - Streamlining the Client Album Design Process - Brooke Michelle Photography


Here is the basics of how I set up my album sales!
1. Deliver client gallery and wait for albums favorite list to be made
2. Send questionnaire (this is new this year for me). The questionnaire shows their cover options, asks if they want a lot of images per page or minimal, and things like do you want to use all the images in your favorites list or have the designer select the ones that tell your story best?
3. Put clients favorites into a separate album for easier downloading.
4. Fill out Aligns album form and link gallery favorites album.
5. Wait usually about 48 hours and have the first album draft READY TO GO. Just like that.
I email it to my clients and they can review the album, leave notes and comments of changes they want made right on the draft.
6. Wait for designer to create revisions (you can do this for up to three rounds before you have to pay an additional fee).
7. Have the client approve the album!
8. Receive JPEGs of the final album design!
9. Place the album order (using the answers from the questionnaire) through Aligns printer!
10. Clients receive album!
They make this entire process super easy. You can even request the same designer every time if there is one that just knows your preferences or you jive well with! AND, you can even select if you want to do the communication between Align and your clients or if you want them to communicate directly with your clients to make the changes and go over comments!
And thats that.
They turned what was a HUGE stress in my business, into one of the easiest and most productive parts of my wedding package.
You can try Align out for yourself  and test their design services here:

As always, leave any questions or comments down below and i’ll be sure to respond!


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