September 2019 Monthly Favorites


September 19, 2019

Hey hey! I am so excited to kick this series off!

This is a blog project I have had on my list for about a year now, and just never really got around to making. I knew exactly what I wanted for it but never actually put anything into affect. I came home yesterday, packed a bag of the things I had been loving the past few days and my roomie and I headed out to take all the content pics… literally with 30 mins left of sun.

I was tired of waiting for the perfect moment to launch or to have more free time and was like whatever, LETS DO IT! So, hi. This will be my blog series where I share all my favorite things I am experiencing or loving during that month!

I’m excited for this because I will not only be sharing THINGS. I’ll be sharing people, quotes, ways I’m saving money, things I’ve added to my routine and a lot more! Whatever I am truly obsessing over that month, it will be here! SO, here is what I’ve been working with all September long!

I’m a huge fan of discovering new things in my own city! I have lived in Baltimore now for four years and feel like I have discovered barely anything that it has to offer. I have so many spots that I LOVE, but compared to what’s left to see I have barely made a dent!

I had heard so much of Bar Clavel from friends and others, but had never actually been to visit myself! My friend Leah asked to meet me there for happy hour and I had no idea what I was getting into.

A few things:
– this place fills up QUICK! I got there 2 minutes before the doors ever even opened for the day and the line was already around the block!!! So arrive early!
– it’s definitely a hole in the wall! It looks like it is in a really random area, and you may think your uber took you to the wrong address, but I promise, follow the neon pink sign and long line and you’re in for such a cute and tasty time!
– these margs were I’m not sure what Clavel did differently, but they are doing it right. They don’t look like margaritas I normally drink (ya know neon green from premade marg mix) but they are hands down one of the best I’ve ever tasted!

I’m usually the type of girl who finds a stack of bracelets, a pair of earrings or a necklace that she loves and then wears it non stop until it either breaks or I find one to replace it. And I can tell you right now that this stack of necklaces from Bonali is going to be just that… my latest obsession!

They go with pretty much everything I wear and make it appear as if I have my life together with “matching” three necklaces in a stack.

I think this is going to be my favorite part about this series… not just sharing THINGS I love, but sharing people I leave. This. Girl. Is. Magic.

I am the worst adult ever when it comes to cooking. I usually get overwhelmed after a week and go back to eating out or peanut butter sandwiches… not kidding! But, one of my past brides posted about Carissa and I started to follow her. I was looking for a way to get more into cooking (it was my new years resolution) and stay relatively healthy so I wasn’t always eating pasta.

broccyourbody‘s meals are all super quick, have only a few ingredients and taste AMAZING! I think my favorite thing about her account in general is that she writes out each recipe individually in the Instagram caption so there is no need to follow a link in profile or search a blog tab or anything! It’s all right there for you to follow and reference easily!

Ok, ok, so this one is kind of like a two in one!

Both the photo above and below are outfits that I found and LOVE for shooting weddings in… and/or working in general! This mustard yellow dot jumper is just quirky enough to be interesting for every day and work. but is such good material and has such deep pockets (for fitting memory cards, shot list, etc) for weddings and all that comes with them! It’s from The Boutique at Body Wellness, which I also love because it means I’m supporting small!

On the same note, while I am normally a jumper or a dress kind of gal for weddings, I recently found these slacks at Target and loved being able to have a solid pair of pants to also add to my “can function and photograph in” collection.

Let’s talk about it. We all know that the Earth isn’t in the best shape it’s ever seen. We’ve got issues. SO I have been slowly trying to do my part to be more conscious of what I am using and throwing away, etc.

This month I realized how often I was going to the grocery store, filling a small plastic bag with avocados, transporting them home, just to immediately throw the plastic back into the trash. It was crazy! So the last time I went to the store I came home and looked up reusable produce bags on Amazon (duh)! These things are amazing! SO many come in this pack that you could definitely keep half in your car and half in your house so you don’t forget them when you get to the store.

They make shopping so much easier and unpacking groceries EVEN better. I’m in love and feel good knowing that I’m limiting my trash intake!

I’m currently obsessed with these Birkenstocks knock offs from Kmart. I wanted something that could be dressed up (like for shooting weddings) or down (just everyday outfits) and these shoes were so affordable and adorable! I got them for $13 in store, but found them online for a little more!

I once saw someone post about a “disposable date.” Which was where you took a disposable camera on your date with you to document your memories old school.
When my boyfriend and I started doing more daily adventures this summer, I snagged this from amazon to take a few black and white snapshots of our days together.
I love that I can’t instantly look at, or spend time editing, the images we took. And when I get this developed weeks later I get to relive it all over again! Plus, now I have prints ready to frame!

I snagged this from American Eagle during their labor day sale and literally waited by my doorstep (ok, my parents because my packages always get stolen) for it to come in! It’s literally the perfect size for everything I carry daily which is my wallet, chapstick, essential oils and my keys.
I’ve found that changing my purse based on my outfit helps make it so I can’t clutter them up and keep receipts or shove things into them never to be found again!

All of the amazon finds can be found HERE at my amazon shop!

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***this post does contain affiliate links. none of these are paid products that i am sponsored by. these are all real life items or things I love and stand behind***

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