Meet The Reps – Class of 2018 Maryland Senior Portrait Photographer


August 23, 2017

This posts somehow always ends up being one of my favorites of the year! It has become such a fun way for me to learn more about my senior reps and dive deeper than just the surface level greeting of a photoshoot. It helps me learn their passions, things they stand up for and believe in. Things that ultimately will drive us closer to make this year even more special than before. During the time I was asking them questions and we were laughing it was like there was never enough time in the world. I could have spent hundreds of more hours with these girls learning about them and dreaming big for the future. They each have already left such a huge imprint on my life and business and the year has only just began!

Scroll down to meet each girl and fall in love with them as fast as I did! Then keep your eyes peeled because this FULL SHOOT goes live on the blog tomorrow!

Avery Laine

Ahh where to even begin with this one! When I met Avery it was as if we had been friends for years! It was so easy to laugh and joke alongside one another. It may just have to do with our shared love for the color yellow. Happiness to her comes in the form of flowers, and if money didn’t matter she would be halfway around the world by now, starting with Amsterdam!

Avery’s heart and passion is driven towards her family and after high school she wants to dive straight into the wedding industry (hollaaaa). If she was to become famous it would most likely be for a modeling career, like last week when she worked with South Moon Under! She is known for being the mom of the group and easing everyones worries which may have something to do with her being a Gemini!

Her favorite season (which perfectly matchers her personality) is early summer. Most days you can find her on Pinterest (no really go see how many pins she has) or playing lacrosse. She has three rings that never leave her fingers and hold significant value to who she is. One of which is her favorite bible verse, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, give plans to you hope and a future.” Her light is the most welcoming and I so am happy she chose to represent Brooke Michelle Photography for her senior year!

Jensen Elizabeth

Ahhhhh Jensen! This girl is literally like my little hippy, dream best friend. Her view of the world is so unique and when I asked her what her goal was in life she said to go to college and then join the Peace Corps (#goals)! Jensen is someone who embodies equality and is passionate about acceptance for all types of people.

Whenever I think of Jensen I think of my senior rep who is usually rocking a headband and looking super good while doing so! To her friends she is known as the embarrassing one in public (not sure how) and lacrosse is what makes her the happiest! Her favorite season is summer and most days she can be found on the beach. A really interesting fact about Jensen is her whole family has the initials JES, starting all the way back to her grandparents. And her weird fact is she actually doesn’t sleep on hotel room beds, but thats a whole other story. Her favorite day of the year is new years day since it symbolizes a new beginning and clean slate. This girl is going to move mountains one day and I am so stoked to have her by my side this year while she begins doing so!

Calli Anne

Calli may be one of the more soft spoken of my reps, but she is so so nice and literally had me cracking up. Her weird fact is she loves the smell of Clorox wipes so she will use any excuse to clean with them. I guess this will come in use since her goal is to one day have a huge family. After high school she is headed to college to turn her love for math into an accounting career.

Maybe this is just around those she isn’t close friends with, but during the shoot she would be more on the quiet side and then just randomly say the funniest things. I literally laughed so hard over a simple comment she made about a spider. Other than being a fellow lover of the color yellow, Calli is also best known for her dimples (see below) and for always keeping others entertained. She is huge in the young life community and spends most days with her friends. Things that make her day so much brighter are random genuine conversations with strangers or friends. Dogs make her the happiest and she is passionate about equality for all. She has such a huge heart and is the best addition to this years 2018 senior rep team!

Cloey Adison

I have known Cloey probably the longest of any of the reps! She has always been a huge supporter and follower of my business since day one! I was so excited when she applied to be a rep, not only for the further support, but also because the balance of her kindness and sass is like the best personality equation. If you look through the session or shoot that goes live tomorrow you’ll quickly realize she is best known for always being the tan friend (JEALOUS)!

Cloey is passionate about making the world a more creative and artistic place for everyone (yet again another reason I love her) and that shows in almost everything she does. We did the usual “where can people find you most days” question when we were all together and she literally said “if Im not working Im spending my paycheck.” Which makes sense because she always has the cutest clothes, best style and most of her friends come to her for fashion advice.

If you know anything about her than you probably already know that she is addicted to BuzzFeed quizzes and hand written cards. After high school she will be heading west to live out in Cali and she wants to eventually visit every continent. The small things that make her day always better are morning hugs from her mom (literally cutest thing ever)! I can’t wait to go through this year with her by my side and me by hers!

Audrey Ann

Audrey is my fellow Cancer senior rep. She is sweet and funny and REALLY, I mean really knows what to do in front of a camera. I blame her Insta famous friends. After high school she wants to go to college for public policy. She is best known for her obsession with any and all dogs and her goal is to raise a service dog one day!

Her favorite quote is “Be a voice, not an echo,” which I think alone tells you a lot about who she is as a person! Besides being a huge part of Run Kids for Cancer she is also a dancer… which is what makes her the happiest! She is passionate about serving cancer patients and helping any way she can to help find a cure.

Her single favorite day of the calendar is the fourth of july… I think this also may have something to do with why we get along so well 😉 And although she works a lot, if money didn’t matter she would travel the world (hi, i’m coming with). her day can be made with a good morning text or homemade donuts. I’m so excited to learn more about her as the year goes on and proud to call her a rep!

Casey Lynn

So Casey was very close to being the rep I had known the longest. Apparently we both grew up as neighbors, but were too young to remember before one of us moved away! Casey is the adventurous one of the reps. She is known for always staying up at all hours of the night and is happiest surrounded by her friends. After high school Casey plans to begin studying to become an oncology nurse.

She is huge in young life, and also practices figuring skating and plays volleyball. Most days she is with her friends and loves to help the less fortunate. Her fun fact was the only thing she wished or asked for on her 17th birthday was a pet fish (and I am sure you can guess that she got one). Her favorite day on the calendar is Halloween (another reason to love her) and her go to look is flannels. Which is why we were all confused when she said her favorite season was spring. She is a huge believer in everything happens for a reason and loves to be surrounded by optimistic people! She’s the perfect addition to make this team even more perfect!


Hair: Kennedy Wright
Make-Up: Kaytee Spanoghe & Leslie Frost Beauty
Florals: Thurman & Fig Florals
Rentals: A Little Rusty Shop
Venue: Whitebarn at Middlespring
Tees: Dazey LA
Styling: The Boutique at Body Wellness
Video: Conway Videography


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