A Letter to Myself Pre-Quarantine

A Letter to My Pre-Quarantined Self - The COVID Epidemic - Brooke Michelle Photography


April 27, 2020

This one is going to be a little emotional, but my blog is nothing to me if not further connecting me with those who read. It’s been about two months now? All the days blend together, but it’s definitely at least been that. So, I wanted to write a little letter to my pre-quarantine self. Here it goes:


“Hey you,

This letter may be just as creepy as that opener was, but who are we if not awkward sometimes.

I know everything seems confusing and unknown right now. Take a deep breath. These next few months are going to test you… like really test you. You’re going to cry more than you probably have in 2019 as a whole. That’s okay.

Here’s the thing, this whole situation is scary. As an empath you’re going to cry for those you know are ill. You’re going to cry when that couple you were the second shooter for mails you a check to help you get by. You’re going to sob when you realize things are about to change. LIKE BIG TIME, never be the same again, change. There are going to be times where you feel like your business will never recover. Call your mom… not only will she ease your fears, she needs you too.

But then there is this: you’re going to change. Not for the worst, nope. Your eyes are going to open and you’re going to see a fire ignite. You’re going to be pulled to lead. Who? We aren’t quite sure about that one yet. But you’re going to feel it regardless. You’re going to persist. Because that’s what we do when time gets tough, we keep moving until things clear up.

You’re going to create content, good ass content. Maybe some of the best content you’ve ever made. Or maybe everyone is bored at home and that’s why your views are up. Either way. You put effort in and were rewarded. You are going to come up with ideas that will help you reach and check off goals you have had for over two years. And yes, one may be stop buying coffee everyday from Starbucks but there will be others too.

You’re going to come out of this with a greater sense of how you handle trauma, a deeper love for your family & friends and a business that is set up to thrive when this is all over.

Throughout all of this just remember… feel your feelings as they come, to protect yourself & others and that this will help answer those questions about what’s really important in your life. Take photos when you go out to show your kids one day. Take the change as it comes and adapt. Keep the positives at the forefront and handle the balls of stress as they come… one at a time.

XOXO, we’ve been through some things Brooke”



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