Introducing The Newest Brooke Michelle Photo Employee!

Introducing The Newest Brooke Michelle Photo Employee - Adding a Virtual Assistant to Your Business

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December 11, 2017

Today’s post may be one of the most exciting one’s I have ever written! As a small business owner I dreamed of having employees. I’ve always envisioned having weekly calls with people that I could call “my people.” And now Chynna is the first official one to join the group!

I’m personally popping in for this because this is a big step! Trusting my baby business in the hands of another is a BIG DEAL for me! But it is an even bigger deal for me to personally introduce her to all of you, the first of “my people.” You have all put trust in me, whether it be by hiring me as your personal photographer, becoming a dedicated blog reader or a photographer trusting me to teach you a thing or two! I mean there is a reason I call my newsletter “my favorite people.”

So without dragging it out any longer I’d like to formally introduce, Chynna of Byte Bodega! If you are a current or potential client then I am sure you will get to know her even more! Chynna is my brand new virtual assistant to help me grow this business and grow right alongside!

Just a few more reasons to fall in love with Chynna…

1. She is 110% a crazy cat lady. She isn’t joking when she says she created her VA business to stay home with her cat 😉
2. Mexican food is her life. #enchiladas4life
3. She lives in Boston, MA with her high school sweetheart (aka the cutest thing ever)!
4. Black Coffee = Life (we are twinning on this).
5. Her favorite quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
6. She considers her mom her superhero.

From the first virtual meeting I was sold! She made it so easy and casual to bring up questions and showed how much she chooses to care for her clients and their business babies! Chynna is my new right hand (wo)man with all things business! She will be guiding inquiring clients until they set up meetings with me, checking in on emails and answering your questions while I travel or picking up slack during busy season!

My hope is for Chynna to continue to grow with me and to take on more and more tasks to allow me to take on more of what I love… all of you! This new venture will open up more time for senior sessions, editing, wedding clients, happy hours with clients, mentoring sessions and more!

What does this mean for me and my business?
Well, my hope it that this means freedom and growth! For the last six years I have worked endlessly to create and build up a business I am proud of. It is so crazy to look back and think about how small and naive I was when I started this adventure! Looking back to where I am now I feel so grateful and proud! I am humbled every day by the amount of work and energy it takes to keep this business thriving!
My hope is that Chynna will provide me with freedom to choose how I spend my time! She will handle assistant like tasks to open up my schedule to more shooting and more importantly, time with my family.
Will you still have contact with me?
ABSOLUTELY! A core part of my business and client experience is becoming personally involved in my clients lives! I’ll still be that annoying photographer that comments “yassss queen” on every selfie, texts you asking to see the dress you just said yes to and replying to your Instagram stories telling you I am obsessed with you!
My hope is that this new venture will actually open up more personal chats! Instead of having to take time to email out to every single inquiry (literally a couple hundred a year) I can instead put that energy into emailing and communicating with the clients I actually take on every year! I can focus more on those who have already invested in me, welcome with open arms those who Chynna has began to introduce in and so on!
This entire experience is a GOOD THING! It is a sign of growth, a hint of peace and something I can’t wait to dive into even more!
I know you will all welcome her as you would me and THANK YOU for helping me celebrate this milestone! Here is to my new business bff!

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