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October 26, 2017

It is with full honesty that I can say I never thought I would write this post. When Irene briefly mentioned the idea of me coming to Bali with her on last years Mexico Intensive I just laughed it off. Fast forward to this year. Irene and Sam (another one of the teachers for the retreat) messaged me before registration went live asking if I wanted to be apart of this years (well 2018) Bali teacher training. Well, in honor of my word of the year, “Leap,” I AM HEADING TO BALI! I am so excited that next June I’ll be leaving on an adventure to Bali to learn from three amazing women and go through my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training! This opportunity is one that I never even knew would cross into my path, but now I couldn’t be more excited!

All three of these woman are ones that I could learn valuable lessons from, not just in yoga but in life! The training will be lead by Irene Pappas & Samantha Vetrano with Bodhi Yoga Academy and supporting teacher Hannah Haller. My hopes for this training are very high! I’ve already learned from Irene numerous times and taken a lesson away almost every time! My hope for this training is to work through personal issues and to general deepen my yoga practice while also becoming just generally a better human!


What does this mean for my business?

As far as Brooke Michelle Photography goes and booking seniors, boudoir and weddings nothing will change! My business will remain running as usual, I just will not be booking any jobs within the month I am at teacher training! After five years in business (six once the training hits) I am excited for a mini break in reality. A break to focus on myself and come back not only a better person, but a better business owner!

My hopes are that this training will help to identify my posing tactics even more so and vice versa. I hope that being skilled in directing people for photos will flow into being able to properly direct people through a yoga flow! I am not sure if I’ll teach classes following this training, but I am excited to have the experience and opportunity to do so if I choose.

Have you been to a YTT, I am excited to talk to others and see what everyones experiences are! OR have you been to Bali? Let me know what I should add to my MUST SEE list!

Want to join me? Early bird ends January 1st. Head HERE for more info on how to sign up, whats included and to apply!

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