How to Master Your First Wedding as a Lead Photographer Education for Photographers

how to master your first wedding as a lead photographer

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October 2, 2017

I photographed my first wedding ever five years ago when I was just 18 years old. The entire start to my photography career I always swore I would NEVER photograph weddings. To me, they seemed far too scary to take on that risk of photographing someone else’s most important day yet! Looking back now I can’t help but laugh! My love for weddings, my clients and all things sappy have quickly escalated over the past five years of documenting the “best day ever” for some many people!

As I look back I can’t help but think they seemed more scary because of my lack of education for how to properly document them or where to even begin! After five years and many, many couples I have learned a thing or two about what does and does not work when it comes to photographing weddings. Let me preface this by saying, I am not saying I know it all when it comes to the wedding photography world. As a wedding photographer I feel like I still learn a little bit more after each and every wedding day! I know there is always room for growth and I am more than willing to learn! BUT if I can save just one photographer from making one of these silly mistakes then I am more than happy to share all of my crazy stories and lessons!

This 20 page jam packed guide was made for you photographers who are ready to take on your first ever wedding as lead camera! Or maybe those who have photographed a wedding or two, but just really want to learn a little more! I share my embarrassing experiences and a few key tips to showing your clients just how much of a pro you’ve become! I truly hope this guide helps you feel a little bit more prepared than usual for your next wedding and saves you from sharing in some similar embarrassments!

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How to Master Your First Wedding as Lead Photographer - Free Online Education for Photographers - Brooke Michelle Photography

Guide Designed By Lauren Carns

Headshot by Kayla Coleman


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