This blog post actually began as a simple letter to my email list subscribers as a simple “wake up call” when I was feeling emotional one day after the loss of Tori & Pete, one of my past wedding clients. So today’s post may be a little bit more deep than you were hoping or […]


Maddie & Mike met when they both began attending college at the Catholic University of America in DC. Maddie had just started as a freshman, while Mike was in his final year as a senior. They fell in love, but the distance of his new job after college caused them to separate. They later found […]


Where to even begin with these two? Randi & Pat always kind of knew of each other because of the small town they lived in. But they never really hung out a lot. One night Randi was invited to a concert by one of her friends. She told her not to buy a ticket because […]


Christine and I dreamed big for this shoot. We knew we wanted an out of the box design to inspired fall couples for their vineyard weddings! On the day of the shoot were met with many obstacles… including the couple we had measured and worked with for months cancelling just one hour before the shoot […]


Hey loves! I'm Brooke Michelle and welcome to the blog. I am a high school senior, wedding and boudoir photographer! My passions include educating other photographers, traveling as often as I can and laughing more than I should. This blog is where I get to show all of that off to you and bring you in a little deeper into my life, so stay awhile!





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