Phew ten years in business this year. A decade. Insane. Some days it feels like I just got started and other days it seems like I’ve been in this industry for 100 years, not ten. However the last few years specifically I have really come to know myself, my work and my goals for this […]


These two met over a weekend away when Ben simply went to hang out at a guys weekend. And Callies brother, who threw the away weekend with his bros, invited his sister… Little did he know that his best friend and sister would fall in love. After that they went on dates and immediately hit […]


When I first started my business I took on everything and anything. I was just starting out, so I figured any experience or small additional income was worth a shot. As a seasoned photographer now, I still stand by those initial decisions. Those moments led me to lessons, to growth, establishing what I loved and […]


Witnessing Laura & Brad’s love is one thing. Meeting their family and friends and this amazing community was a whole other. These two met when they were still in high school. They actually dated for a short period of time until Laura ended things. Luckily, years later while in college they reconnected and picked up […]


Hey loves! I'm Brooke Michelle and welcome to the blog. I am a high school senior, wedding and boudoir photographer! My passions include educating other photographers, traveling as often as I can and laughing more than I should. This blog is where I get to show all of that off to you and bring you in a little deeper into my life, so stay awhile!





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