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Education for Photographers - Brooke Michelle Workshop

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August 29, 2018

This post, and even this announcement has been a long one in the making! For two years now I have dreamed of gathering a group of photographers together and hosting my very own workshop! One where I can encourage like minded photographers to be the very best, raw, real and quirky versions of themselves. One where I can talk about every mistake I’ve made in the last six years, the lessons I’ve learned and tools I use… in hopes of preventing anyone else from having to experience those knock downs. Welp, here it is!

So let me tell you how and WHY we are here today!

Earlier in this year I met with Diana & LynnAaron of Eventi Weddings just to throw around the idea of a workshop, see what their thoughts were and so on! A casual convo over coffee and scones ended with me securing a date and locking in the first official Brooke Michelle Workshop.

Education for Photographers - Brooke Michelle Workshop

As a creative I can tell you first hand that we are not all programmed the same. There are some photographers that find the art and use it as their outlet for all things business and marketing. And then there are creatives like me… the ones who just love picking up the camera, shooting, interacting with clients and playing with new funky edits or techniques. Then BAM, with a gentle wake up call you realize to be able to do what you love you kind of need to learn how to play all the roles. As photographers we have to learn how to be the web designer, the marketing team, the customer service crew, all the in betweens, and then we get to be what we love the most… the photographer.

In 2015 I attended a workshop, a two day business intensive hosted by two ladies I adore. As a girl straight out of high school this workshop completely changed and altered the direction of my business. From learning the difference between an LLC & sole proprietorship to learning what a brand even is, posing, client experience and so much more that my eyes were quickly opened.

I had known for years that I had so much to learn in order to properly run a business and yet I wasn’t even sure where to begin asking questions. I was at a place I felt “comfortable” at. I was steadily growing how many clients I booked per year, and making my way through the motions, but it felt like I could be doing or offering so much more to the clients I already had. I wasn’t sure what I didn’t know and this workshop solved all of that! It was like someone handed me all the answers on a perfectly styled gold platter.

I left those short few days feeling like a new woman, and especially a new badass business woman. Although with the years to follow I would still learned so much more, I still find myself every now and then flipping through that notebook to look back over my notes from the days where I absorbed so much practical knowledge and completely projected me to where I stand now. It left me feeling impressed and I knew that in my head I wanted to be inspired by the ladies who had offered this experience to me. I wanted to offer that kind of experience to others once I felt ready and share my hardships, tools that save me time, my quirks and how to stand out in our market… while not tearing anyone else down. I wanted to be able to create a small community or a hype team, if you will, to help one another grow and help to find each and every persons “thing.”

Education for Photographers - Brooke Michelle Workshop


The Brooke Michelle Workshop (ahhhhh so crazy) was designed for those photographers who have a general understanding of how to use their camera, have a newly started business or maybe wish to start a business and are looking for more. This workshop was designed with those like me in mind, the ones who business, marketing, client experience and oh jeez, taxes, didn’t or don’t come easy for. The ones who may need an excuse to find themselves in their business and find their voice, one that is uniquely their own.

I created this workshop to be in an intimate setting. One where we could sit around drinking margaritas or snack on some quac as we just discuss how to grow our businesses together. One where we can sit on the floor all as equals, because no matter what stage of business you are in, that’s what we are… equal. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all had questions and concerns. We all started somewhere, and now from here we can begin to learn and grow together. One where we can create a goal or put action into place for what YOU specifically need or want in the next step of your business. Because there truly is no one way street to “success” and what that looks like is different for everyone in the room. So let’s treat it that way. 

I’m so excited to offer a two and half day business intensive, mixed with a retreat style vibe where we can feed off of everyone’s energy in the room and find what makes each of you uniquely you! We will sit through lectures that feel more like pow wows with friends and walk through exercises to not only learn tools to take our business further efficiently, but also to figure out what makes YOU unapologetically unique and how we can use that to take your business to the next step!

Registration will be going live in the next couple weeks, along with a fully detailed workshop site and I can’t wait to see who will be joining me on this new adventure!

Mark your calendars for Nov 12-14, 2018 when the first official Brooke Michelle Workshop will be happening! Margs and all!

If you want to be the first to know when registration goes live sign up at this link to be on the waiting list and to receive free bi-weekly educational content from me!


Photo by Madison Short Photography


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  2. CONGRATS on this!! It sounds super amazing!!!

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  4. This workshop is going to be amazing! You have such a knack for creating a space for all to feel at home and comfortable <3

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