Meet the 2017 Senior Reps!


June 14, 2016

Every year I get to work with an exclusive group of girls throughout their entire senior year of high school! My favorite part (besides becoming besties obviously) is their first group shoot where they all meet, mingle and take bomb photos together and this year was absolutely no exception. Now before I blog the entire shoot and all it’s goodness, I wanted you to meet the reps! I am going to go through and virtually introduce you to each rep and encourage you to follow along with us on how the year plays out! I am so happy with my choice in every single girl and can’t wait to see what this year holds!

Meet Kallie

Kallie is such a kind soul with a feisty side! She speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back on her opinions (one of the things I admire about her)! She makes sure that if she feels passionately about something that she does something about it and won’t be the one you see sitting around doing nothing! She is a vegan and obvious animal lover! She loves her friends and passes time by shopping (I know I can relate)! In her school she is mostly known for being a makeup artist (and a killer one at that). Which is also the career she hopes to continue after high school! Other fun facts include her love for the beach and her desire to own a hairless cat.

Meet Cami

Cami is so adorable! Most days you can find her playing with her skinny pig, Karen aka a hairless guinea pig because of her allergy to animal hair. She is passionate about psychology, her family and the art of expression. As if she wasn’t already cool enough she wrote a novel with her mom that is currently in the works of being published. Her room is nature themed (LOVE) and she loves all genres of music, besides screamo. She has a unique trait that her mom calls the chameleon effect where she picks up others mannerisms after hanging out with them for awhile.

Meet Elena

Where to even begin with Elena? Elena, to me at least, is such a beach babe! She loves the ocean and works on a beach at the snack shack (how cute)! She owns the coolest 1961 VW bug you’ve probably ever seen and it’s in her favorite color aqua! She spends most days on Instagram (tbh who doesn’t?) or eating. She is an avid plant collector and Elena is actually her middle name! Besides already being cool and loving tumblr she also owns the cutest chickens ever! Other fun facts include her extreme dislike of cilantro and how she passes time by online shopping!

Meet Maya

Ok, so Maya is super rad! Not only does she play the ukeulele (anyone else jealous?), but she is an amazing singer as well! No, really, see for yourself on her Instagram! She has an obsession with lemonade (both the drink and Beyonce). Most days you can find her in her room binge watching criminal minds! She is passionate about feminism, performaing and culinary arts, as well as makeup! She is an avid lover of corgis and french bulldogs and is obsessed with the colors pink and black!

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