The Most Important Wedding : A Recap of My Parent’s Big Day

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February 22, 2016

I’ll start out by saying, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings. I’ve witnessed elopements. I’ve witnessed small weddings and I’ve witnessed very large weddings. With all that being said, nothing will compare to what I witnessed this past Saturday. 

On February 20 of 2016, I stood next to and gave away (with my siblings) the most selfless woman I know to the most amazing man to ever enter my life. That sentence doesn’t even do these two justice! You see my mom became my best friend from the second I was born. She is always my shoulder to lean on and we can talk about ANYTHING. She always put the needs of my siblings and I before hers and worked three jobs to give us kids a great life, even if it was with having only one parent. Cue the entrance of Matt into our lives.

Matt came into my life when I was just 6 years old. He did everything for us as if we were his own and after my biological father and I lost all connections and ties at 15, he was there. He was there to comfort us. There to attend every football game to watch us cheer. There to keep every promise another man left behind (for example Betsy, Laura & I’s first car)! He was even there to help me earn the title of daddy’s girl, a title I NEVER thought I’d have. I am truly his biggest fan, even if that does mean waking up at 4am sometimes to spend quality time together. 

I guess this brings me to the actual wedding day, almost 16 years later. All you have to do is see the photo above to tell my mother has never been happier. It was the perfect day surrounded by immediate loving family in a small church ceremony. Dinner was served in a mansion only a mile away from our home and both my brothers gave heart warming toasts.

My mother was glowing in the most amazing gown I have ever seen her wear. My dad was beside himself with happiness and my nephew stole the show with his tux & chucks at only 6 months old! It was truly the happily ever after that both my parents deserve and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all!

All professional images are by the wonderfully talented Jennifer Madino Photography

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