Why Styled Shoots?


February 1, 2016

With it being “slow season” I am sure you have noticed way more styled shoots and images on my Instagram feed and blog! As clients, I totally understand how confusing this may be! I have heard so often that from a clients aspect it feels like we are tricking you. Like we are trying to convince you this was a real wedding or engagement so that you will hire us. Not true in the slightest! We do these shoots for a multitude of reasons and not a single one being that we want to pull the wool over your eyes!

To Show REAL Clients What We CAN Do

In a real world, we all understand the struggles of planning huge events such as your wedding day! And if we don’t fully understand we have a good idea of just how crazy and expensive things can begin to be. So yes, when we plan these shoots we know that sometimes these things are not always realistic on a 200 or even 100 person wedding budget! But we still want to show you what we got! All money aside we want to show you the best of the best from us. We want to take you into our creative minds and show you the things we can do if you tell us an idea and let us run with it! And trust me, we run fast and we run hard!

Now this also isn’t to get your hopes up! This isn’t to dangle these ideas in front of your face as if we are mocking what you can’t afford. But when we show you these ideas and if you fall madly in love with them like we are hoping then we can take that and change it, alter it to you and make it affordable and doable within your budget! Maybe you love the entire shoot exactly as is? Well you could keep the color pallet, but exchange the higher end flowers for something a little more budget friendly and drop that 14 person farm table down to smaller 6 person farm tables! Whatever it takes to make your vision work within your budget!

Build Networking Relationships

This may be my favorite part of styled shoots. For styled shoots I often work with vendors who I may have never worked with before. Often times this is beneficial for my real clients. It gives me a sense of the vendors personality, their reliability, and ultimately gives me a sense of if I would feel comfortable referring clients to use this vendor for the most important day of their lives.

Ultimately, it’s a test run. In a sense it’s the same thing as trying out coffee. Switching up your daily order to try something new and their are two possible outcomes: this may become your new “regular” or you may spit it out. But, ultimately you have to try it to see if it works!

Attract Ideal Clients

Now as I was stating early, these dreams, ideas and shoots are practically our children! We use these ideas to showcase our brand and talent in a way that will attract like minded clients! Do you love that shoot we just created for the woodsy boho bride? Then your most likely our perfect client! Do you like the way we shot or styled that crazy colorful session? Then you’re probably our ideal client! When we shoot these sessions or editorials we wouldn’t out our valuable time into something we didn’t completely love, so if you are falling for all of our styled sessions you are most likely the person we are trying to attract! Someone with similar taste who can appreciate all the things we put time and effort into while planning these shoots! So why styled shoots? Because we want you as clients, we want to find you and we want to show you what it is we can do for you!


Hair: PSC Hair Artistry

Florals: Rhonda Kaplan

Make-Up: Kaytee Spanoghe

Styling: The Boutique at Body Wellness


A huge thank you to Starbucks for featuring a photo from this set on their Instagram!

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