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June 15, 2015

Back in May, Hope Taylor wrote on her blog about her dreams that she had for both herself and her business. She then encouraged others to write their own blog posts about their “big dreams!” I’m going to start by saying it’s pretty scary seeing it all in writing. But, today I am sharing why it’s so important to set goals for yourself and all about the other dreams I have for my myself and my business!

This year (2015) was the first year I really took time to sit down and write out the goals I wanted to achieve. Like many others, I chose to do this the first week of the year and aimed to finish them all, by the latest, in December. I wrote down all my goals on a sheet of paper and taped it to the wall directly behind my computer. Why? This way I knew I would have to see them almost every day when I sat down to answer emails or edit a session. Having them in writing makes it real. Having them stare at you for half a year? That makes you do something!

It’s now June and I’ve completed three of my four goals! I hosted a senior social for potential senior reps, I created a day where I surrounded myself with cute dogs and helped give back to Talbot Humane and, well, the third will be announced in a later blog post since that’s a big one for me! Stay tuned in July 😉

Having that constant reminder above my head for six months really helped push me to stop sitting around and just do it! My mom always says “you can do anything you put your mind to” and it’s so true. I constantly remind myself that I can’t just wait for the opportunity to arise, sometimes you need to create an opportunity. And my fourth goal for the year? Book a destination wedding!

Not only am I obsessed with photography, but I am obsessed with traveling as well. It would be a dream to combine the two and travel to photograph a couple’s special day! Which brings me to dreams…

Photo by Jennifer Dawn Photography

Photo by Jennifer Dawn Photography

Many of my dreams have become a reality. That was cheesy, I know. But, I never would have thought that at the age of twenty I would be a full time photographer and get to do what I love every single day. So these other dreams I listed below would just be a HUGE bonus!

Shoot a wedding in:

– Maine

– New York, NY

– Seattle, WA


(If you know of anyone getting married in these areas I would LOVE to talk to them!)

Host a Photography Workshop

Start an After School Photo Program at a local High School

Travel Outside of the United States

Own a Magazine

Own a Medium Format Film Camera

Shoot for Free People or Anthropology (OR BOTH ;))


Cage Dive with Great White Sharks! (Totally a personal dream but it NEEDS to happen!)


Now off to drink lots of coffee and hopefully work towards making a few of these come true!





  1. Bethanne says:

    Love your goals and your heart girl! You will kick butt and accomplish anything you put your mind to! And good on you for accomplishing most of this years goals already!

  2. Karena Dixon says:

    Go get’em!

  3. Natalie Jayne Moore says:

    Love this post!! I’m such a Travel bug, maybe I’ll make a list too! mine would need a part two!! hahaha Hope you get to shoot there+ accomplish some of your dreams!

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