What is a Brooke Michelle Bride?


December 9, 2015

Ok, so we all have them. As photographers we label you as our own. No, not because we are greedy but because we are proud. We are proud to say we photographed you and your moments. We all have our “types” and we all put our everything into making sure you are known that we appreciate you and that you know, we couldn’t do this without you.

So, what is a Brooke Michelle Bride?

A bride of mine is one who exchanges the diamond bridal headpiece for fresh flowers in her hair. She is a women who can independently stand on her own. She is successful and knowledgeable in her field of study but is complimented by the man she is choosing to spend forever with. My kind of bride already knows what the most important part of her wedding is because he is gripping her hand tight at the alter (or in the middle of a field).

A bride like mine doesn’t become bothered with having name brand clothing because she realizes that life has so much more to offer than that. However, she is fashionable and wakes up that extra hour every morning to make sure your eyeliner is perfect and more importantly her eyebrows are even. Her lipstick shade depends on her mood and her hair is either fully styled or in a messy top knot, there is usually no in between.

A Brooke Michelle Bride will twirl around in her wedding dress for the shot. She will lay in the grass or snuggle on the beach in her dress because capturing these moments are more important to her than getting sand on a dress she will only wear once.

2015 has been the best year for me to discover this and it truly is because of all my brides! Each and everyone of my brides this year has inspired me in some way and has truly helped me find myself and signature style. Now, that is my kinda bride 😉

  1. Lacey says:

    I am feeling some pretty great meshable vibes off of this post 😀 too excited for our shoot!

  2. Amanda Dean says:

    What an amazing thing for your daughter’s wedding photographer to post on her blog, Brooke Michelle Photography is the greatest. In those months of meeting and planning Brooke, you really nailed the real Juli Anderson, thank you for caring enough to get to really know your brides. You too are so incredibly talented!!!! We love You!!!

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