The first time I ever shot with Elena was when she was just 15 years old. It started with a simple email saying she wanted to branch into modeling and then my want to collaborate with a hair stylist that I loved on a new creative venture. Without meeting before hand I told her the time, the place and what to wear and she showed up to shoot. I remember half way through hair and makeup she mentioned something about missing school and then when she broke it to us she was only 15 my jaw hit the floor!


I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with seniors that I already previously knew! It just makes the experience just that much better! I loved reminiscing, talking about life and future endeavors while taking pictures of the absolute beauty! I feel like every time the shutter snapped my breath was just taken away! This girl sure knows how to rock it in front of a lens!


When Taylor and I were first discussing her senior session she said she really wanted a beach because she has always been a beach person. Then having to reschedule her session to deeper in to fall I became a little worried, but that fall golden light did not disappoint! And neither did Taylor! She rocked literally every single pose and was a total natural! Sometimes I am completely blown away by how amazing my seniors are in front of a lens, and this was definitely one of these times!


When I showed up to meet Marguax at her house for final hair & make-up touches and to coordinate boutique outfits, I knew this would end up being one of my favorite sessions to date. A Zooey Deschanel look alike and a girl with killer confidence! She reminded me of someone I had always wanted to be in high school. In fact, I think she makes a great influence for girls now-a-days and teaching them how to be confident in their own skin! I mean, need I say more? I think her senior portraits speak for themselves!


Hey loves! I'm Brooke Michelle and welcome to the blog. I am a high school senior, wedding and boudoir photographer! My passions include educating other photographers, traveling as often as I can and laughing more than I should. This blog is where I get to show all of that off to you and bring you in a little deeper into my life, so stay awhile!





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