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I know what it feels like to be burnt out. Or to feel like you're running on a treadmill in your business giving it your all but not moving forward. When I first started photography I invested thousands into courses, workshops and retreats only to feel like they never really cared about my growth and I was just another number to their statistics. One on One mentoring is where I found my real growth and immediately knew when I had all the tools in my toolkit that I wanted to help build a community of people by using them. 

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in 2011, as a senior in high school, I began gaining referrals from friends on my cheer team and photographing senior portraits and weddings! 

in 2014, after spending a summer in NYC working as a photo intern I decided to come home and make this little "hobby" my full time business.

by 2018 I was running a six figure business photographing around 20 weddings a year, multiple seniors and mentoring fellow photographers. 

the "glow up"

"working on myself"

The "glow up" is a six month mentoring program where you choose from numerous topics that you would like to work on in your business and each month we focus on that specific category for the month. An initial questionnaire is sent at the time of booking for me to review your needs and to select the five categories you want us to work on, with the final month being an overview of everything you've learned and establishing action steps on where to go from here. Essentially we take your business from a perfectly good before, to an even better "dang who even is she?"

topics offered

- posing
- workflows
- passive income
- client experience
- finding your style
- building your brand
- social media marketing
- your start into education

The "working on myself" package is for the one who isn't quite sure what questions yet to ask, or what area they need to work on specifically. This package is a 2 hour coaching call with a pre-call questionnaire so I can review your site, social medias, etc to start the call running. We can cover any and all q&a's while working side by side to improve your workflows, client experience, social media marketing or more! 

Sometimes, all it takes is an outside perspective and a few action steps to take your business to that next level.

starting at $1,800

starting at $300

1-on-1 mentoring packages

I'm ready for my glow up

streamlining the client album design process

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interviews, speaking opportunities, workshop guest and more!

Over the years I've developed a love for podcasts interviews, meeting and educating as a guest speaker and sharing whatever nuggets of knowledge I can with a wide variety of audiences. Let's chat and see if I would be a good match for your audience! 

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