This one is going to be a little emotional, but my blog is nothing to me if not further connecting me with those who read. It’s been about two months now? All the days blend together, but it’s definitely at least been that. So, I wanted to write a little letter to my pre-quarantine self. […]


When I first started photographing weddings. I remember seeing those beautifully detailed close up shots. The ones where you could see every cut of the diamond, or the necklace perfectly dangling off the bouquet. So, as a beginner I started doing the trial and error method of maybe my 50mm would be good enough for […]


So I guess you could say the next few monthly favorites are going to be… special? Quarantine edition, maybe? My everyday routine didn’t change too much, but my ability to go to the gym, order amazon prime like it’s my job or get take out sushi has… and those are usually a few of my […]


I always say, I believe I am the least tech savvy millennial there is. What takes a normal millennial two minutes to figure out, takes me ten and a youtube how to. So when I saw all these cute gifs in others email blasts I was jealous ya know. I never saw the exact words […]


Hey loves! I'm Brooke Michelle and welcome to the blog. I am a high school senior, wedding and boudoir photographer! My passions include educating other photographers, traveling as often as I can and laughing more than I should. This blog is where I get to show all of that off to you and bring you in a little deeper into my life, so stay awhile!





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