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hi babe!

 I’m Brooke or as some know me, Brooke Michelle, and I am the face behind this little gem, Brooke Michelle Photography! I am my mother's flower child and generally obsessed with avocados. You will start to notice that the color yellow is essentially my spirit animal… it’s bold, bright and full of happiness. Most days you can find me wrapped in a blanket (no matter how warm it is outside) in front of my desktop editing beautiful clients, or chasing adventure with some of my closest friends in a beautiful new city. I believe that we all create our own happiness and don't always have to have everything figured out, and yes, I am still human so some days I am working on that myself. For me, bad days are drowned in chocolate and lots of espresso and good days remind me of all I have to be thankful for. 

I began my business when I was just 17 years old during my senior year of high school. This business has been a journey for me and so far, it’s been a pretty spectacular one that only gets better with age. Throughout the journey I have realized the things I am most passionate about are making sure that I am first, a great human being, and secondly, an amazing business woman. At the forefront of it all I want to remember to lead with my heart. I firmly believe that the key to success is staying humble because the truth is that without all of you, I wouldn't have this adorable business to run! 

My favorite season of the year is summer and that reflects strongly in my photography style! I love warm tones and pretending like every day is filled with sunshine! Whether you are a senior, couple or anyone else I am bound to tell you to do something totally ridiculous because I believe that’s the best way to create candid moments. I have a love for the in between moments and greeting people with hugs even if we’re meeting for the first time! 

Jen Gotch is my biggest girl crush.

I believe an avocado a day keeps the doctor away

i'm a certified yoga instructor

My family comes before anything or anyone else.

"New Girl" never fails to make me laugh.

My eyebrows are tattooed on.

My coffee order as of late is “the largest possible size” iced black coffee.

I cry when new love songs come on the radio.

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